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About Us

About Us

SAC Gallery

was founded by Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri in 2012 as an art space with more than a thousand square meters across four floors in the heart of Bangkok. SAC Gallery seeks to develop the career of Thai and Southeast Asian artists on an international level through engaging in-person and digital programming as well as regular participation in art fairs throughout the world.

With three in-house curators,

we are confident in our knowledge in the Thai contemporary art.

Unlike traditional gallery spaces, our gallery promotes a friendly and welcoming experience for all visitors and our staff are always on site to assist.


Private tours are very welcome with advanced booking. We are constantly engaging with the local community, with regular workshops and education programs throughout the year.


Be the best in Thai contemporary art gallery,

bringing Thai contemporary art and culture to the global stage,

while also bridging the gap between people’s everyday lives with the art.


Provide a platform for young artist to show case their talents and potential

To connect to a global network of international organisations and increasing exposure to Thai contemporary art
To bring art closer to everyday life and to be inclusive to every community
To educate the local audience to build a strong foundation in valuing art and culture

Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri

founded SAC Gallery in 2012

with the vision to bring art closer to the local community. In the same year, SAC started a new mission, which was to serve as a platform for young and emerging Thai artists to receive support and professional assistance to build their careers.


SAC has evolved throughout the years, and so has Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri: he began to tackle new challenges by taking Thai artists to international art fairs, establishing an artist residency program in Chiang Mai, and continues to bring art closer to Thai people with touring exhibitions.


Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri wants to change the Thai art world – for ordinary Thai people to appreciate and embrace art and culture in their lives; to close the gap between art and people; and to create opportunities for Thai artists.


behind SAC Gallery

Sitthikaj 900×1200

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management, London Metropolitan University (2007)

Sithikaj Angsuvarnsiri

Managing Director (2011)
Jongsuwat 900×1200

Master of Arts in Art Business, Sotheby's Institute of Art (2016)

Master of Science in Marketing, London School of Business and Finance (2012)

Jongsuwat Angsuvarnsiri

Managing Director (2013)
SAC Team Methinee 900×1200

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, Chiang Mai University (2017)

Methinee Boonyuen

Sales & Collectors Relations of SAC Gallery (2019)
Chol 900×1200

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Silpakorn University (2015)

Chol Janepraphaphan

Curator of SAC Gallery (2017)

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Silpakorn University (2012)

Phansak Kaeosalapnil

Production of SAC Gallery (2015)
Piyamon 900×1200 A

Bachelor of Arts in Thai, Silpakorn University (2003)

Piyamon Kingpratoommas

Conservator (2021)
SAC Team Charun 900×1200

Master of Science in Digital Policy and Management (CIO), Thammasart University (2020)

Charun Lunsucheep

Senior PR Strategist of SAC Gallery (2020)
SAC Team Patcharaporn 900×1200

Master of Arts in Conservation of Fine Art, Silpakorn University (2019)

Patcharaporn Niamsoi

Conservator (2020)
SAC Team Somsuda 900×1200

Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Silpakorn University (2001)

Somsuda Piamsumrit

Museum Project Leader (2019)
Panupong 900×1200

Bachelor of Arts in Painting, Khon Kaen University (2013)

Panupong Prasetthasut

Production of SAC Gallery (2020)
Pornganok 900×1200

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Silpakorn University (2017)

Pornganok Sadakorn

Collection Manager (2020)
Kamic C

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Photography (2016)

Kamic Santrong

Video Designer of SAC Gallery (2021)
Pinyaphat 900×1200

Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Silpakorn University (2019)

Pinyaphat Satchukorn

Content Manager of SAC Gallery (2019)
Saruda 900×1200

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Arts Studies (Second-Class Honours), Silpakorn University (2011)

Saruda Suansa-ard

Graphic Designer of SAC Gallery (2014)
Juthamat 900×1200

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University (2006)

Chuthamat Suwannasri

Registar of SAC Gallery (2015)
Krittathat 900×1200 A

Master of Arts in Art Market and Appraisal, Kingston University London (2020)

Krittathat Taveetanathada

Sales & Collectors Relations of SAC Gallery (2021)
Patticha 900×1200 A

Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Silpakorn University (2012)

Patticha Thitithammaporn

Curator of SAC Gallery (2021)

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