SAC Gallery | You know!! where and when Fancy party and Masquerade Balls came from?
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You know!! where and when Fancy party and Masquerade Balls came from?

You know!! where and when Fancy party and Masquerade Balls came from?

…The extravagant events of the rich which their wealth gaining from exploitations of the poor….

According to a text ‘The Origins of Fancy Dress’ by EDITORIAL TEAM of, it said that the first events that we might consider to be fancy dress or costume parties were indeed those of masquerade balls. These were popularised in Venice in the 15th Century…

15 The Masquerade Balls saw nobles wearing ornate masks and such frivolities were enjoyed during private celebrations… However, masquerade balls were eventually viewed as being a blight on civilisation and they fell firmly out of favour by the 19th Century and the predecessor to what we would now consider a costume ball or fancy dress party really took over.

Queen Victoria is believed to have been a big fan of fancy dress and parties around this time often involved dressing as historical figures. This trend of borrowing from history to find a modern theme continues today in the shape of fancy dress parties themed in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and many other eras.

Fancy dress costumes and parties became ever popular during the 20th Century and once the 2nd World War was over, the accessibility of items from the USA and other countries around the world meant that outfits became more lavish and, ultimately, expensive. Themes would become much more varied and as well as classic ideas such as dressing up as figures from the past, the introduction and widespread popular cultures of music, film, and TV were introduced into the fancy dress world.

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