SAC Gallery | Jamon Nimnark
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Jamon Nimnark

Jamon Nimnark

(Born 1987), graduated from Master’s Degree (Architecture) King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

Jamon has achieved the First Prize HHK PAINTING CONTEST 19th in 2009 and Outstanding Achievement Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition 16th in 2014.

Jamon paints the unclothed throughout social media, wanting to test the limit at which the social obscenity can transform into high art. His technique of combing marble sculpture with social media photos of bare individuals provides the relevant between high and low brow, finding the acceptable level for causal pornography to turn to art,

With a rise in taste from social media into museums. The artist also inserts bizarre objects that regular viewers will never see in nude painting; especially colorful balloons, as a symbol of cheap and fragile temptation. It is a nude painting that is related between public values and taste (kitsch).

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2015 Solo Exhibitions

  • ” Beautiful  Myth “ Subhashok The Arts Centre

2013 Solo Exhibitions

  • “SEXUAL MYTHOGIES” Number 1 Gallery Bangkok

Group Exhibitions


  •  The Organizing Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition 16th


  • The Organizing Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition 15th