SAC Gallery | Kitikun Mankit
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Kitikun Mankit

(Born 1985), graduate with a Master’s Degree from the Fine art Faculty of King Mongkut’s institute of Technology Ladkrabang, creates oil painting masterpieces that reflect a truth of the society today , in terms of belief, faith, social value and gap between classes.

His work offers a fairy tale metaphor to question how we can expect a “happily ever after” ending when surrounded by bad deeds and human error.

His technique is precise and his ideals are intelligently nuanced; gaining him a growing spotlight in the Thai art society. His pieces are full of elements that captivate and cause questions to stir in the mind of the viewer. Like fables, their timelessness and symbolism urge caution and frame a world of morality.

But their truth isn’t consistent and the realizations they cause aren’t as timely as we wish they could be. As Kitikun continutes to redefine the medium of political surrealism in Thailand, it’s expected that his international following will grow as well.