SAC Gallery | Kma Sirisamphan
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Kma Sirisamphan

(Born 1962), graduated from Silpakorn University with a Bachelor in Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts in 1992.

After receiving his degree he had one group thesis exhibition, and joined the 37th National Exhibition of Art. In the past few decades, he has constantly spoken to himself through his works, transforming his feelings for everything into his creative energy for each piece.

He does not like being restrained and contrived, instead loving to be flexible and open, qualities which have become the direction for his creativity. In this series, he successfully brings together the subject matter with developmental thinking.

More than that, He feels it’s his responsibility as the artist not only to create marvelous works but also remind people to inspect their behavior and to consider their actions effects on others. In this way he resembles the mature artist, feeling responsibility for sharing his life experience and also inviting the public to reevaluate their life experiences.