SAC Gallery | May-T Noijinda
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May-T Noijinda

[Born 1973] is an interdisciplinary artist whose creative practice centers around contemporary lives and expressed through various forms and mediums. May-T Noijinda, best known as May-T ModernDog, is a genius renowned for his captivating guitaristic sound of ModernDog (the band that set a new standard to Thailand’s music industry in 1994 and became a figure to the alternative genre until this day).

For the first time ever, he comes up with a sound art exhibition called “Thru Air on Key Strings” by orchestrating his 25 years of sound design experiences, bizarre yet astonishing creativity, in order to break the wall of standardized art and music with sound art—an art form that utilizes sound as a primary medium to create experimental outcomes, yet detached from the scope of entertaining and beautifying the listening experience.

More than a decade that Noijinda has created works of art continuously and exhibited at numerous spaces where showing his works in various techniques: drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, street art, graphic art, etc. He had also organized solo exhibitions called ‘Kheed Kheed Khean Khean Thoo Thoo Thai Thai’ at Bar Bali, Bangkok. He also exhibited his multi-media art work in Nocturnal Jungle with Yuree Kensaku at Lunarverb Gallery, Hotel Art Fair Ma Du Zi. Furthermore, he joined the artist-in-residence at Seescape, Chiang Mai and had the exhibition called “Dissonant”. He collaborated with Yuree kensaku for “12 cats, animation and sound performance which showed for Metro-sepiens: dialogue in the cave in the Chom pon cave, Ratchaburi and 12 cats also show for grand opening for 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Artist . He has joined many group exhibitions, e.g. 528 Hz THE LOVE FREQUENCY, Woofpack, Bangkok and also with Hof Art and “For” Group continuously. He is a graphic designer for many brands as well.