SAC Gallery | Preyawit Nilachulaka
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Preyawit Nilachulaka

(Born 1977), graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), Srinakharinwirot University.

As the role of public artist, he meets people at every level of society. Preyawit’s painting is full of humor from the stories of people in real life, especially Thai society, there are many people living with logical distortions.

It is also a joke of criticism, especially about the uniform, which defines the role of people in society, from businessmen, police, etc. In fact, uniform is something that no one can take off, because it is also the identity of the role that everyone in society could see, reflect and expect.

Preyawit’s work is fun with comic-like techniques. It’s the intention of the artist to say something in a comic posture. Criticism became fun at the same time, especially in his latest work on the role of the police, blended with the images of power rangers (the heroes that childern love), to ask about the social expectations for some professionals who still need credibility in the masses.

Solo Exhibitions


  • Exhibition of Paintings “Siam Rangers” at  Subhahsok the arts centre


  • Exhibition  of Arts  “Play” by Tawatchai Somkong   at  Ardel Gallery 2014 BKK
  • Exhibition of paintings  “Dramathai”  at  Adler Subhashok  Gallery  2014 BKK
  • Exhibition of paintings  “Ecstasy”  at  Brown sugar playhouse  2nd  floor   BKK 2013


  • Art Exhibition ” Endless Desire hu!hu!hu! “ at Gossip Gallery BKK


  • Exhibition of paintings  “ Side line ”  at  Teo+namfah Gallery BKK


  • Exhibition of Paintings  ” ROO-MOD-TAE-MAN-OD-MAI-DAI “Playgallery Playground


  • Exhibition of Paintings :  Body Parts   at  Siam Center 1ST Floor Central Hall

Group Exhibitions


  • Exhibition of paintings  Ohayo Thailand” at Yoshi Gallery  BKK 2010
  • “Pra-Sa-Mit” Contemporary Art Festival 2551  at Pridi Banomyong Instituie  BKK 2008
  • Religious Beliefs and contemporary, Social Phenomena of Southern East  Asia  Guangdong Museum of Art , China 2007
  • SWU and Nagoya University of ART and Design  Visual Art workshop   at  Pridi Banomyong Instituie  BKK 2006
  • “ Pra-Sa-Mi t” Contemporary Arts  Festival  at  HOF Art  Gallery  BKK 2006


  • “CO-NI-CHI-WA” Arts Exhibition   at  gallery BE&be , Nagoya University of Art and  Design,  Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 2005
  • The 7 th Thailand Arts Awards ( The Philip Morris Group of Companies ) 2000
  • The 17 th Youth’s Arts Exhibition of Thailand 2000


  • The 6 th Thailand Arts Awards (The Philip Morris Group of Companies ) 1999
  • Arts Thesis Exhibition (Visual Arts)  Srinakharinwirot University 1999
  • The 5 th Thailand Arts Awards (The Philip Morris Group of Companies ) 1998
  • The 15 th Youth’s Arts Exhibition of Thailand 1998


  • Srinakharinwirot  University Exhibition of Paintings
  • The 20 th  Bua Luang Exhibition of Paintings
  • Art Exhibition of Paintings ( Studen-Paintings ) , Srinakharinwirot  University