SAC Gallery | Sumanatsya Voharn
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Sumanatsya Voharn

Sumanatsya Voharn, a product designer and a lecturer at the department of design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University.

Sumanatsya strongly interested in local handicraft as well as value of left over materials and scraps. She realizes that design has great impact of both producing and consuming behavior. While we are producing something, we might be destroying some other things without noticing. Sumanatsya constantly works with many local craftsmen around Chiang Mai. During her Ph.D at Silpakorn University,

Sumanatsya decided to work the topic of Lacquer wares by joining the Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Program which emphasizes the in-depth research and development of Lacquer ware in South East Asia. Sumanatsya was also invited to present her research, exhibit her design products and demonstrate workshops in USA, Europe and many more countries in Asia. She was granted funding from Hitachi Foundation to study Japanese Lacquer technique ‘Kanshitsu’ and ‘Kintsugi’ from Professor Sakurako Matsushima from the Utsunomiya University, Japan which inspired Sumanatsya to create the Exhibition “Rak: an assemble collective”.