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Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn

Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn

(Born 1982), graduated with first class honors with a BFA of Graphic Art, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University and a Master’s Degree in the same department.

Verapong is a printmaking artist using woodcuts; he uses one whole piece of wood to make the different layers for printing. His prints have won the Gold medal (prints) at the 51st National Exhibition of Art (2005) and Second Prize, silver medal (prints) at the 54th National Exhibition of Art (2008).

His artwork has been exhibited nonstop in many solo and group exhibitions. At present, Verapong is interested in the painting which has developed from his wooden prints.

His paintings are reflective of the events and people of the fast-paced and immersive environment of the social media world.

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Group Exhibitions

2017-2016 Solo Exhibitions

  • CHRONICLE Art Exhibition Subhashok The Arts Centre 2017
  • Painter Prestige National gallery Bangkok 2016

Duo Exhibitions

  • Art Exhibition “Between hardness and mildness” Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn and Maki Katayama,SI-AM art Space Thailand ,2007
  • SEE –FOOD art exhibition by Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn and Suwit Maprajaub Creative house BANGKOK inspired by TOYOTA ,2011
  • INSANE exhibition by Krit Chantranet and Verapong (Ayino) Sritrakulkitjakarn NumThong Gallery at Aree / 2012
  • COLONY art exhibition , Gallery seescape ,Chiang Mai ,Thailand / 2013
  • Premium art exhibition People ‘s gallery BACC /2016


  • Looking 360 Wang-Na art gallery 2016
  • KOLOR ME art exhibition BACC  Bangkok 2015
  • Art to Asian exhibition Rajadumnern  contemporary art gallery 2015
  • PARP – PIM mini print exhibition Kalwit gallery 2015
  • Looking 4 Wang-Na art gallery 2015


  • Thai – Vietnam contemporary art exhibition,Hanoi ,Vietnam 2014
  • Graphic Arts from the World – (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore) Krakow,Poland 2014
  • Hof Art Now, Hof art space ,W District 2014
  • LOOKING 3D, Hof Art residency, W District 2014
  • HOFest, Hof art space, W District 2014
  • ON – NUCH art exhibition TADU contemporary art gallery 2014
  • “Enjoy this Moment” exhibition  BAAN TUK gallery Chaing Mai 2014
  • Time : Gallery’s Printing and Drawing Collections Numthong gallery 2014
  • 27th Asian International Art exhibition, Contemporary art gallery  Bangkok 2013
  • One  picture in house art exhibition, Hlung Raak Bar ,Bangkok 2013
  • BIG –BACK art exhibition, National gallery Bangkok 2013
  • 16th Biennale Internationale de la gravure de ssarcelles ,France 2013
  • Looking To art exhibition, Brown Sugar : The Jazz Boutique ,Bangkok 2013


  • International Print Exhibition “GLOBAL  MATRIX III” Purdue University Galleries,USA. 2012
  • 16th International print biennial Varna, Bulgaria 2012
  • “Silpa Bhirasri memories III” Double Dogs Café 2012
  • “woman” art exhibition @ Eight Thonglor 2012
  • 7h International Graphic Triennal Bitola, Macedonia 2012
  • Looking art exhibition, Wah na gallery, Bangkok 2012
  • Thai – Laos  Art exhibition, M gallery, Vientiane, Laos 2011
  • “Silpa Bhirasri memories II” Phanakorn bar,Bangkok 2011
  • 7th International Small Engraving Exhibition ,Cremona ,Italy 2011
  • 10th International biennial of engraving Premio Acqui ,Italy 2011
  • 57th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok  Thailand 2011
  • 14th International biennial of small Graphic and Exlibris ostrow wielkopolski Poland 2011
  • The “Iosif Iser” International Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition, Ninth Edition  Romania 2011


  • Printmaking Thesis exhibition, Krungthai Artgallery ,Thailand 2010
  • 5th International printmaking biennial of Douro, Portugal 2010
  • 2nd Penang International Print Exhibition, Malaysia 2010
  • 11th International Engraving Biennial Caixanova, Ourense , Spain 2010
  • Black and Blue art exhibition, H.A.T. gallery ,Bangkok Thailand 2010
  • “Silpa Bhirasri memories” Phanakorn bar,Bangkok 2010
  • 56th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok  Thailand 2010
  • Mail art exhibition “Darwin (R)evolution” Science Museum, University of Coimbra,Portugal 2009
  • Malaysia Mail Art Festival, Malaysia 2009
  • Mail art exhibition “BACON”, USA. 2009
  • 2nd International print and drawing exhibition, Thailand 2009
  • Mail Art exhibition “Self-Portraits”, Poland 2009
  • 55th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok  Thailand 2009
  • International print triennial Krakow, Poland 2009
  • International Ex-Libris Arti Grafiche Colombo, Italy 2009
  • 6th International Graphic Triennal Bitola, Macedonia 2009
  • International Mail Art “Liberty” History museum of Aiud, Romania 2009
  • 10th International Biennial Engraving “Josep de Ribera” Xativa, Spain 2009
  • Thai-Vietnam contemporary art exhibition, Bangkok Thailand 2009
  • 15th International print biennial Varna, Bulgaria 2009
  • 5th  International competition Ex Libris Biblioteca di Bodio Lomnago, Italy 2009

Group Exhibitions


  • 7h kochi international triennial exhibition of print Japan 2008
  • Asia Pacific International Exhibition of Prints and Symposium, Taiwan 2008
  • 54th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok  Thailand 2008
  • Collaborative print exhibition 2008 in Asia, Japan 2008
  • International Print Exhibition “GLOBAL  MATRIX II” Purdue University Galleries, USA. 2007
  • 2 Extension “Blessed Soul Vergine Maria and Assumed in Sky” International Mail Art, Chiesa Collegiale, Italy  2007
  • International Print Exhibition Thai-Japan Tokyo Hanga , Queen Gallery,Bangkok, Thailand 2007
  • International Mail Art “A River in the Town”, Belgium
  • 5th KIWA exhibition, Kyoto, Japan 2007
  • 8th International biennial of engraving Premio Acqui, Italy 2007
  • International EX-Libris “ACQUE TERMALI” Italy 2007
  • 12th International biennial of small Graphic and Exlibris ostrow wielkopolski Poland 2007
  • 4th International printmaking biennial of Douro, Portugal 2007
  • 9th International Small Engraving Salon Carbunari Romania 2007
  • Global warming International mail art project, Turkey 2007
  • “CROSS BORDERS” Thai-Japanese Graphic Arts Exhibition, Silpakorn University, Thailand 2007
  • 53rd National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok  Thailand 2007


  • International Hand Made Post Card EXHIBITION (IHMP) Malaysia
  • ART THESIS exhibition, Silpakorn University, Bangkok Thailand
  • Biennale internationale de gravicel gravure de lune[s], Lille – France
  • 5th Egypt International print Triennale, Cairo Egypt
  • “Inspired by The King” Art exhibition, playground Bangkok, Thailand
  • 5th International Mail – Art – Biennial >>AIR – LUFT – AIR << Germany
  • Mail Art Exhibition “The Dream City”, Greece
  • “Breast Cancer Awareness : Celebration of Courage” Mail art exhibition, USA
  •  International mail Art “I’ve Lost Lilly’s Pictures” Carbunari  Florean Museum, Romania
  •  International Small Engraving Salon Carbunari The Eighth Edition, Romania
  •  International Mail Art Exhibition “Am Fluss/By the River” Bremen, Germany
  •  International Mail Art Exhibition “TAROT PROJECT” Museo Dei Taroeehi, Italy
  •  Mail Art Exhibition “YELLOW VIRUS in – FECTA – 2” the NEW death of XXI century Barcelona, Spain
  •  Mail Art Exhibition “Prometheus – Fire – Man” Museum of Modern Art the Village Gonni, Greece
  • Mail Art Project CREATIVA 7, 2006 “Wealth and Poverty” Italy
  •  International Mail Art “Shadow and Evil in Fairytales” VISAC Gallery, Cananda
  • 52th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok Thailand
  • ART POSTAL mail art project “In the course of the water” Argentan, France
  • International Mail Art <<TIME>> ITALY
  • International Mail Art “Experimental love project” Lille, France
  • International Mail Art “Peace – No More War” (WEB Exhibition)
  • 5th International Triennial of Graphic Art Bitola, Republic Macedonia
  • Mail art exhibition “Mail Box project 2006” (WEB Exhibition)
  • Mail art exhibition “Contemporary Art [BUT]” ITAMI city gallery, Japan
  • 21st Asian International Art Exhibition, Singapore


  • Mail Art Exhibition “Post Psycho card” Genova,Italy
  • 6th kochi international triennial exhibition of print 2005 Japan
  • 11th International biennial of small Graphic and Exlibris ostrow wielkopolski Poland
  •  International THAI – JAPAN Print exhibition 2005, Japan
  •  4th Triennial in Haviorv’ 2005 Gallant and Erotic Work in Exlibris and Graphic, Czech Republic
  •  22nd Contemporary Art of Young Artist Exhibition Bangkok Thailand
  •  51st National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok Thailand
  • 1st International Mail Art Exhibition in Greece “Psychedelic”
  • Mail Art Exhibition “Five Element” Berlin, Germany
  • Mail Art Exhibition “Clair – obscure” Atrium de Chaville, France
  • 2nd International Experimental Engraving Biennial, Romania
  • The “Iosif Iser” International Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition, Sixth Edition  Romania


  • “PRINT” from printmaking Classes , Silpakorn University 2004
  • “PRINT” Exhibition 2003, Tama Art University, Japan 2003
  •  Painting Exhibition “Still-life and Landscape” Silpakorn University 2003
  •  International Mail Art Exhibition “Breakfast with Drakula” National  Museum of Art Cluj –Napoca Romania 2003


  • Drawing 2002, Silpakorn University
  • “Open House” Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Art, Silpakorn University