SAC Gallery | Critical Reflection on the Anthropocene through the Marblesque paintings: I
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Critical Reflection on the Anthropocene through the Marblesque paintings: I


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proudly present


Critical Reflection on the Anthropocene

through the Marblesque paintings: I


a solo exhibition

Akira Ishiguro




during 2 February – 10 March 2019

at Subhashok The Arts Centre
3rd floor, Art Centre Bldg.




“When I paint marbles, I always see the same scenery.”

Akira Ishiguro



Within ‘The Marblesque’ a new series of paintings by Akira Ishiguro, a Japanese painter questions about finding the value of paintings that are parallel to the visual culture where everything is valued through vision. As painting is a medium that have long been in visual arts, it is another technique that can come to take part in critiquing through this perspective.









From the previous series ‘The Gravitational Field’, the depth of his paintings, despite  appearing in flat plane, hold deep meanings. When Akira began to mimic the surface of various types of mineral stones that are considered as high value, this evaluation on the international standard of value allowed the artist to use the surfaces of the mineral stones as models for painting, in order to compare between the purity of the materials and teasing the state of what we call ‘high art’.



Through his recent works ‘The Marblesque’, the visual culture is linked to linguistics that can lead viewers to decode and psychoanalyze. Akira compares his complex paintings with landscape paintings as they are able to reflect the current state of geological era, called ‘Anthropocene’. The layering of colors in the paintings represent ‘Technosphere’  which related to the transformation into the new geological era which make his works act as historical traces or a mirror reflecting the present age.












The works in this exhibition are presented as landscape paintings in another form of interpretation where there is no vision, no depth and no atmosphere, but paintings that encounter audiences with traces that appear like stratum and a gesture of colorful paintings which are matched to the layering patterns of elements and forms of the mind. Akira’s works invite viewers into the field of metaphors, where the meanings of paintings originate, and where the connection between art, human and society emerge.



Subhashok The Art Centre cordially invite you to join the opening reception of ‘Critical Reflection on the Anthropocene through the Marblesque paintings: I  – a solo exhibition by Akira Ishiguro on 2nd February 2019 at 18:00 PM. The exhibition will be shown from 2nd – 10th March 2019 at Art Centre Bldg., 3rd floor, Subhashok the Arts Center, Bangkok. Curated by Jongsuwat Angsuvarnsiri and Chol Janepraphaphan. More inquiries, please contact: or tel. +66 2 662 0299, +662 258 5580 ext. 401. Follow the exhibition with official hashtag: #sacakira


Opening Night & Installation View


















About Artist


Artist / 1974 Born in Kanagawa, Japan / Lives and works in Saitama

Akira Ishiguro is a self-taught artist whim began his career in 2008. When he was painting faux-marble surfaces as an artisan, he was interested in the uncertainty of the concept of “Genuine” by painting “Fake”. He presents his artworks that delve into “the interval of the torsion of the truth and falsehood” from a unique perspective.

His major artworks include “A Steganographic Romance” (2009-) series in which his oil paintings ask the ideal of the human body in the art history.

The “Gravitational Field” (2011-) series, which draws fragments of nature encompassing the whole world as a landscape painting without perspective, is a figure exploring the texture of genuine marble.

The “Marblesque” (2015-) series, which has a surface layer developed oppositely, captures the glossy sensation of ‘the metamorphism by heat’, which multiplies the marble-generation process and the reality of creation of its own, and turns metamorphism on the canvas. It can be said that it is a painting of an imaginary scenery.

Moreover, the “Painting of Marble” (2018-) series can be interpreted as a painterly expression as well as the visual representation of ‘Anthropocene’, a new stratum age in geology.