SAC Gallery | Alone Together ภูมิทัศน์พลัดถิ่น | exhibition @ SAC Art Lab, Chiang Mai & SACbangkok
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Alone Together ภูมิทัศน์พลัดถิ่น | exhibition @ SAC Art Lab, Chiang Mai & SACbangkok

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Subhashok The Arts Centre and S.A.C. Art Lab

proudly presents

Alone Together



Exhibition from S.A.C. Residency Programme


Sachin George Sebastian
Nadav Heyman
and STUDIO 1750

at S.A.C. Art Lab, Chiang Mai | 22 Feb – 16 Mar 2019


at Subhashok the Art Centre, Bangkok | 23 Mar – 28 Apr 2019




The exhibition from artists in residence of S.A.C. Residency Programme 2019 ‘Alone Together’ continues mapping the relationship between Chiang Mai and the artists in residency as observers. The audience begins to experience Chiang Mai in the way the artists do, ‘the struggle through traveling among locals.’



Sachin George Sebastian


Sachin George Sebastian is a paper sculptor from India who established a paper cutting and modeling technique from geometric ideas. Sebastian finds that the most interesting way to work is to weave the narratives of urban living, real estate, and an expanding city through a magnifying glass. He represents how nature, urban life living and humans are overlapping with layers and layers of his paper craft.


Nadav Heyman


Nadav Heyman, a contemporary dancer, stage performer and director, is concerned with completely different surroundings, and has created not one but two moving pieces of the artist himself inside a plastic bubble and a dying centipede. He links the struggling miniature to the energy of freedom and captivity that is circulating within him.  Heyman has also worked collaboratively with Sebastian and STUDIO 1750.




STUDIO 1750, duo artists from South Korea, are best known for their approaches in mix-media installations. They investigate the locals by going(?) in the search of mass materials from markets to be displayed in the works. Their selections reflect greatly on the everyday and Chiang Mai locals’ interests. The materials are arranged in the way that is impossible for us, as locals, to conceive and narrate in a way they can.


Sachin George Sebastian


‘Alone Together’ is a result of artists as outsiders or observers. They gaze deeply through the characters and atmospheres of this peaceful land to chaos underneath the carpet. The great benefit of being an outsider resonates through seeing phenomenon that may be too small for us to see. You will eventually find yourself in the atmosphere of dreams, hope and loneliness. The exhibition will run from 22nd February – 16th March 2019 at S.A.C. Art Lab located at De Naga Hotel 21 Soi 2 Rashmanka, Mool Muang Road, Chiang Mai before continue to Subhashok the Arts Centre, Bangkok from 23rd March – 28th April 2019. Curated by Jongsuwat Angsuvarnsiri and Chol Janepraphaphan.

นิทรรศการคิวเรท โดย จงสุวัฒน์ อังคสุวรรณศิริ และ ชล เจนประภาพันธ์




Subhashok The Art Centre and S.A.C. Art Lab cordially invite you to join the opening reception of ‘Alone Together’ exhibition on the 22nd February 2019, 6:00 PM. at S.A.C. Art Lab, Chiang Mai. More inquiries please contact: or 094-927 9964. Follow the exhibition with the official hashtag: #alonetogetherSAC and #sacAIR




Opening Reception & Installation views



Subhashok The Arts Centre | S.A.C. Art Lab, Chiang Mai

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