SAC Gallery | Art Stage Singapore 2018
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Art Stage Singapore 2018

Art Stage Singapore 2018
Booth C8 | S.A.C. Gallery Bangkok

In Art Stage Singapore this year, S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre is joining for our first art fair in 2018. We are delighted to present three Thai artists showing their artworks with us in the art fair:

– Thidarat Chantachua
– Verapong SritrakulKitjakarn
– Kma Sirisamphan

The main features in our booth this year are a special project “Restart” by Thidarat Chantachua; and, a special show by ‘Verapong SritrakulKitjakarn’ who is going to do a Live painting in our booth from Jan 25- Jan 27.

Anyone who visiting or staying in Singapore, please come to see us at Booth C8 | S.A.C. Gallery Bangkok in Art Stage Singapore 2018 :

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo And Convention Centre , Hall A – C

THU,25 JAN 2018,3 pm-6 pm, VIP Preview; 6 pm- 9 pm, Vernissage; 9 pm-12 am. VIP After Party
FRI,26 JAN 2018,12 pm – 9 pm, Public show day
SAT, 27 JAN 2018, 11am – 7pm, public Show Day
SUN, 28 JAN 2018,11am – 6 pm, public Show Day

Verapong SritrakulKitjakarn
(Highlight: Live painting by artist at booth C8 from Jan 25- Jan 27)

Verapong SritrakulKitjakarn humbly compared his new series to “a speck of dust in a chronicle record” of the world history, it consists of paintings that were painted in swift strokes, expressively represent what the artist felt at the time of conception. Sritrakul’s works are characteristic for his powerful concepts and highly skilled craftmanship without having to draft nor sketch beforehand. Every inch of a work is a chronicle record by the artist of different eras that are strung together through his memories.

Verapong SritrakulKitjakarn has had experience in exhibiting in local and international venues over hundred times from 2002 until present. Aside from winning a national prize and showing his works in Thailand, Sritrakul has shown his works in many countries such as Korea, Japan, Romania, Italy, Poland, Greece, Germany, France, Malaysia, Egypt, USA, Spain, Singapore, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Laos, Vietnam, Czech Republic and Macedonia.

Thidarat Chantachua
(Highlight: Special project “Restart” tent, Artist tour at booth C8 from Jan 25- Jan 27))

Thidarat Chantachua’s mixed media works take visual cues and foundations from Islamic arts that are often characterised by geometrical patterns. Each thread in Thidarat Chantachua’s work is meticulously sewn on to a dark-coloured fabric, typically used to make robes for religious purposes. The sewn threads glow in the dark, much like the stars across an open night sky which guide lost travellers. The reassuring presence of the stars is fleeting however as their glow tapers off and disappears. The loss of the guiding stars represents the uncertain future for refugees worldwide. The tents tight space feels constricting and challenges one to imagine living there indefinitely. The atmosphere is claustrophobic but yet also vulnerable. For some people this will be temporary, for others, where they will spend decades of their lives. The paths the people have travelled, the lines of strings, draw the eyes from one point to another creating depth and illusion. This is the artist’s way of guiding the audience eyes along the winding paths of the human migrations. The artist greatly believes that through her creations of architectural patterns and repetitions of forms and lines a mental peace can be established.

Kma Sirisamphan
(Highlight: Bronze and Stainless Steel sculptures)

In the past few decades, Kma Sirisamphan has constantly spoken to himself through his works, transforming his feelings for everything into his creative energy for each artwork. The whole series is from his own and others’ life experience, pulling from his perceptions of dealing with growth, success and failure, seeking for the value of life. All the pieces express not only the full range of his cheeky and intellectually subtle language of sculpture but also show his wonderful outlook on creating in life.  Throughout his series, Kma Sirisamphan has shone a spotlight on the curvature of the sculptures. The form of the muscles exhibits an emotional force. The attention to detail establishes a middle ground where abstract meets realism. The focus is on the lines of the muscles and the colors used are natural. Karma appears in various narratives that he is weaving throughout the exhibition; ranging from love to sadness. These emotional stories not only today awaken feelings of sympathy and sorrow in the audience but also are responsible for awakening his period of dormant creativity.