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Bird Eye View

EN | ไทย


proudly present


a group exhibition features

four remarkable artists represented by S.A.C.




during 19 October – 18 November 2018
at Subhashok The Arts Centre



S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre is proud to present Bird Eye View, a group exhibition features four remarkable artists represented by S.A.C., during 19th October – 18th November 2018, at Art Centre Bldg.-1st floor, Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok.

In the time when we are constantly bombarded with information today, to receive any information from only one side or one way as though looking things at the ground-level is not sufficient anymore. The world today is full of complex and interrelated global issues: growing populations; Increasing demands for resources; economies expanding rapidly to supply to consumerism; polar oppositions between political parties that critically affect the faiths of the people who follow them; the rate at which cultures are mixed and hybridized too fast.

All mentioned above are affecting massively, and spreading horizontally, across people’s lives all over the world and changing the ways we live now. As lives on earth can not be isolated, everyone is connected to one another: everybody is a receiver, a giver, a destroyer and a creator at the same time. To see something only from the ground level, we can see only one side from a narrow perspective. In contrast, to see from above angle, we are able to see the whole picture, which will contribute to our decision making. Through the eyes of artists, the exhibition titled Bird Eye View aims to reflect on that manners from the effort of four well-experienced artists whom would like to invite viewers to see the world from different angles; out of their familiar perspectives and see it in wide-opened view.

For global-scale problems to be solved, they need not only acknowledgement; but also, to understand from every level how each factor can impact the other. Although the four artists’ viewpoints are diverse in backgrounds and contents, they are related and all intended to employ their works of art to communicate with people as to suggest them to see the world holistically as if from the eyes of a bird above.

The advance of technology has made the world smaller. Some incidents occur in some parts of the world are not merely a local affair anymore, but have become collective matters of mankind. Despite our world is not easy to live as utopia, human race was born with an instinct to struggle for survival. As mankind hold abilities to learn and adapt themselves, and correspond to situations in order to survive, they must understand and be aware of what they are encountering in the world today. Hence, there is a hope and belief that finally humans may apply their abilities to learn, create body of knowledge and develop solutions to take care of the world together.

Bird Eye View is a group exhibition features four remarkable artists represented by S.A.C.:

Pichai Pongsasaovapark: a Thai artist whose works center around Pollution Art



Wittawat Tongkeaw: a Thai artist who presents Political Art in various media



Gi-Ok Jeon: a Korean artist living in Thailand whose works portray Cultural Exchange & Cultural Diversity




Israkran Yingyong: a Thai artist creates works dealing with Capitalism and Consumerism




You are cordially invited to join the opening reception on 19th October 2018, 6:00 PM at S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre, Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok. The exhibition will be displayed during 19th October – 18th November 2018, at Art Centre Bldg. The show is curated by curators of S.A.C. : Jongsuwat Angsuvarnsiri, Suphita Charoenwattanamongkhol, Chol Janepraphaphan and Linjie Zhou. For more information, please contact: email or tel. +66 2 662 0299, +662 258 5580 ext. 401. Follow the exhibition with official hashtag: #sacbirdeyeview




About Artist


Pichai Pongsasaovapark is a Bangkok-based artist who uses acrylics, mixed media, and photography to create textured and visually complex abstract and conceptual work.  In 2017, he had a solo exhibition Looking and Seeing at Subhashok Arts Centre in Bangkok. His artwork is in numerous private collections, including the Luciano Benetton Foundation in Milan, Italy, and included in the Luciano Benetton Foundation’s landmark volume, Thailand: Spiritual & Material – Contemporary Artists from Thailand (2015).






Wittawat Tongkeaw was born in 1974, in Bangkok, Thailand. He graduated BFA, MFA and Ph.D. in Visual Arts from Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University. With his outstanding skill, Tongkeaw has won plenty of Art Awards in Thailand. His works have been purchased and prized by Thai and international collectors as well as collected and installed at significant institutes, such as Bank of Thailand, Head office of KRUNGTHAI Bank, etc. The social crisis and political unrest that has been happening consistently in Thailand for over decade (and up until the present), has had an impact on the artist, cementing his intention to reflect on this systemic chronic problem through his latest series of works showing in Prelude – a solo exhibition at Subhashok the Arts Centre in 2018.




Gi-Ok Jeon was born in Korea, received her BFA in painting in Seoul and MFA in Chinese painting from the prestigious Beijing Central Academy of Fine arts, moved to Bangkok and continued to study printmaking from the Department of Visual Arts & Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn. Her solo exhibitions have been held at the Beijing International Art Palace Museum, Chulalongkorn University and Baan Tuek Art Center in Chiang Mai as well as A Space to Exist at Subhashok the Arts Centre, Bangkok in 2016. She has joined in group exhibitions at the Korean Cultural Center of Thailand, the Center of Visual Art Boda in Seoul, the Mu Project in Washington D.C and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing.




Israkran Yingyong graduated B.F.A.(Painting) from Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University in 2001. He won a Silver Medal Award, the 17 Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artist on The occasion of Silpa Bhirasi Day, Bangkok, Thailand, in 2000. Having shown in local and international stages, Yingyong has plenty of solo & group exhibitions. The significance must be HIVE Asian Residency Asian Report @Art Studio in South Korea in 2014; and New Space Art Foundation in Vietnam in 2016. He had a solo exhibition Combination 7: The Missing Size at S.A.C. Art Lab, Chiang Mai in 2017. Also, he has joined an ongoing collaborative project between Korean Foundation and Subhashok the Arts Centre: Out of Place – exhibition in 2018.





Opening Reception