SAC Gallery | "Chang Setang : Because I Need My Own Space”
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“Chang Setang : Because I Need My Own Space”

“Chang Setang : Because I Need My Own Space”  5 February  – 31 March 2013

The exhibition originated from Chang Setang’s son, Tip Setang, who found his father three journals. Not only it revealed about his father’s life, but there is also a sentence “Because I Need My Own Space” appearing in the journal. This made him felt that Chang’s Space is nothing different to our space that we all yearn for. “Everybody need space; personal space. We long to be with ourselves, our own hearts. I guess that’s what my father wanted as well.”

It took Tip a while to decide whether he should reveal his father’s journals. Eventually, he considered that it is appropriate to exhibit them. This exhibition consists of 4 parts ; portrait painting, landscape painting, abstract landscape painting, concrete landscape painting and poetry. Chang Setang’s last painting that was done at the hospital before his last day of life, 26 August 1990, at the age of 56 is also exhibited.