SAC Gallery | DRAMATHAIS Art Exhibition
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DRAMATHAIS Art Exhibition

DRAMATHAIS Art Exhibition, 9th December – 30th November

By the three artists: Theerawat Nucharenpol, Theekhawut Boonyawichit, Preyawit Nilchulaka

It is an art exhibition that reveals hot lives of people in digital societies. The name ‘Dramathais’ is homophonic with ‘Dramatise’ which means ‘to make something into dramas’. The name also plays with the word ‘thais’ which represents Thai people or modern Thai societies. Therefore, Dramathais is an exhibition that presents view points and feelings of Thai people in modern societies where the people often act with influences and motives of social values. The people go with the flow of social values so much that it becomes like being directed by a director and that they are just actors or actresses who only respond to the director. The actors and actresses always go along with the directors who are sexual values, luring media, materials or cultures from west countries. The exhibition is by the three Thai artists with three strong story-telling styles.