SAC Gallery | Exhibition "A place called Earth"
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Exhibition “A place called Earth”

Exhibition A place called Earth
“…being able to create art is like talking to someone who understands me and makes me feel like I’m not alone in this world…”

Niam (Surachai) Mawornkanong

Recently there are news cases where chemical imbalance in the brain would kill people off by causing a person to withdraw themselves from the society, including people they love, or committing suicides in some cases. This particular condition called “depression” had caused confusions and concerns in Thailand so much it became one of the top searches on the Internet. Although science has advanced and technology now allows us to connect at the finger-tip, yet this modern society is also plagued with loneliness.

Mawornkanong is one of those people who is easily withdrawn into loneliness. His sensitivity and fragility made him see certain beauties most people don’t see, but at the same time such vulnerability is also a double edge sword as it causes great difficulty for him to handle being in around a lot of people. In some people sharing similar problem as Mawornkanong, had they given in to the complexity of their inner thoughts, they might be compelled to choose to leave this world quietly.

Mawornkanong himself has fought with this complexity and depression and was not able to find anyone who could understand him. Creating art was the only way he felt he was communicating with somebody, relieving the pain he was going through and connecting with the world again. Art for Mawornkanong became a therapy to help him out of his dark corner. The exhibition A place called Earth is the result of his endless fights with his condition, to go forward in looking at the world in the way others can see.

The exhibition A place called Earth is Niam (Surachai) Mawornkanong’s 6th solo exhibition. 20 pieces of acrylic paintings with absorbing beauties will continue to surprise many viewers with additional information that Niam (Surachai) Mawornkanong is colour blind. However, this condition has never been an obstacle to stop him from continuing to create art.