SAC Gallery | “HERO”
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“ HERO ” /Surapong Sutat-na-auttaya/ 14 May – 30 June

As an exhibition of the most important month for laborers around the world, “Hero” is not defined by the uniform, status, elite or family. However, it is those who fight and do not surrender to the obstacles. The laborers who are often viewed as a low status of the society can hardly gain the hero nametag that can inspire others. Just because their outer appearance, they are overlooked and are judged as worthless. Nevertheless, in the artist’s point of view, he sees the beauty and the importance of these people who are the role models and receives a support from them in order to face the problems. The artist creates his paintings on the frame with the wood from construction sides dedicated to the real “Hero” who works hard and earns the same value of human.