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S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre

proudly presents



the exhibition by E-San Diamond, a group of 8 artists from E-San 


at Art Centre Bldg., 1st floor, Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok

During  5th October – 3rd November 2019

Opening Reception: 5th October 2019, 6:00 PM



Here comes the existance of “Pet E-San”. This name may sound similar to or remind you of another new ordinary Mor Lam band (Northeastern-style band); however, we are sorry to tell you that you may be wrong.

The prologue began from the gathering of the 8 new generation artists who are 100% E-San full blood, such as Sunanta Phasomwong, Jaruwan Mueangkhwa, Panya Buasudta, Santi Seedarach, Narongchai Pratummat, Thaworn Kwamsawat, Thanathorn Suppakijjumnong and Sakon Malee. These artists had distinguish accomplishment in the past and were experienced from the international contests. Some of these talented people are guaranteed with several winning prizes. Similarly, some of them are truly determined to  pursuit and thrive in the professional career of art. Some of them are teachers and professors.

Even though each one may have their own separate sets of dreams, preferences and passions, everybody shares one common interest and determination, that is the creation of art. They generally practice it in order to fulfill their personal emotions and feelings.

Thus, the “Pet E-San” or “E-San Dimond” band has been formed as a representative of  each artist’s unique identities. They represent it through various strategies, processes and techniques under the exhibition called “โฮม/Home”.


Sunanta Phasomwong

The State of Suffering (Mental Therapy 2019) Body 1, 2019, Knit ,weave Brass wire, 100 x 30 x 60 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

For me, art is like “mental therapy”. The state of suffering is the work that reflects my personal attitude toward my traumatic experiences in the past such as separating from my beloved ones for a long time. Emotions are transferred through the visual element “lines” which swirl and overlap with one another as if they were relationships tied down to feelings tightly. This results in a variety of shapes of human organs which look as if they were strong but actually fragile and changeable regarding emotions and feelings. I call such things “suffering”. However, whenever I create this art work, I get the pure feeling of happiness and relaxation. Therefore, art, in my view, is the power. It’s the power of mental therapy that can change sorrow into happiness, the Power of Art Unleashed.


Jaruwan Mueangkhwa

ภูมิลำเนา: The Area, 2019, Mixed material, 50 x 40 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

The relationship of human is linked together in many ways, including communication, telecommunication that resulting in culture, traditions and beliefs. Assimilated into various ethnic, social, community groups on earth. This set of artwork uses an element of art such as lines to create a connection from one area to another, and to create a story about beautiful civilizations.


Panya Buasudta

Black Figure with Obsession, 2019, Mono print, 50 x 50 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

My work is about shapes of obsession which is depicted for desires (passion) in the human mind. To present works on the theme of horror and insatiability of a human by created of desires (passion) forms in beautiful shape, to make people fascinated with beauty but cover-up with fearfulness, it is just an illusion trick into the trap. For this reason, I used beautiful dew-dropped shape and hidden poison to trap insect or prey. I created the shapes, developed and adjusted them with my imagination for something strange unusual shape.


Santi Seedarach

Instinct 1, 2019, Wood assembly and paint, 17 x 23 x 125 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

Everyone has a dream and imagination in a good and bad for the whole life. Instinctively stepping through the truth with courage, purposeful, and with clear goals that leading to the highest point of our life. Problems and obstacles are just a nightmare that we defire ruling to come true, whether we want to confront or keep it in our subconscious mind. If we live our lives with the wisdom and consciousness, those barriers are just imaginations.


Narongchai Pratummat

แมวเป้า: The Cat of E-San 1, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 80 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

Imagery of feelings from the hearsay of local people in the E-San (North East of Thailand). Which has mentioned some animals are living in the midst of the night, which are mysterious, terrifying, strange, special, or possessing some power above other animals. In addition, these animals also affect the emotional feelings, and scare people at night.


Thaworn Kwamsawat

Animals Fantasy E-San No.1, 2019, Mixed media, 33 x 100 x 50 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

Present the shape, color, and simplicity of the northeastern folk craftsmen and create them with imagination and share the scent of local Esan ways with a new perspective.


Thanathorn Suppakijjumnong

Buffalo No.1, 2019, Typewritten on paper, 80 x 80 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

When we recall E-San local animals, we tend to think of buffaloes. Because in the past, buffaloes were normally used for farming and ploughing the rice fields, they were so important for the way of life of E-San people. However, nowadays farmers tend to use tractors instead of buffaloes, so they are less important and forgotten. As such, I employed typewriters to visualize the image of buffaloes to my works since typewriters are important for communication in the past too. But when computers were invented and widely used, typewriters are no longer used and forgotten similar to the case of buffaloes at present.


Sakon Malee

จิตรกรรมวิถีชีวิตอีสาน No.1, 2018, Acrylic and Soft-prepared chalk, 120 x 160 cm.

Curriculum Vitae

This painting is inspired by rural society lifestyle, which is based on their beliefs faith of cultural customs and traditions. In each province. There are different rules that most people heve in common. Moreover,faith of Buddhism is a light that guides and motivates people in society to live in sufficiency way, simple  and helping each other which is completely  matched with the way of the e-san rural society, graceful and peaceful. This is also the best strategy of creating consciousness about the pride of community way, the existence of a culture in harmony with the local people.



Subhashok The Arts Centre cordially invite you to join the Opening reception of โฮม/Home, group exhibition by E-San Diamond (a group of 8 artists from E-San) on 5th October 2019 at 18:00 PM. The exhibition is on display from 5 October – 3 November 2019
 at Art Centre Bldg., 1st floor, Subhashok the Arts Center, Bangkok.  More inquiries, please contact: or tel. +662 662 0299



Follow & share the exhibition with the official hashtag: #ESANDIAMOND