SAC Gallery | Intentional Chance
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Intentional Chance

Eng | ไทย


SAC Gallery

proudly presents


Intentional Chance

curated by Chol Janepraphapan



Kitikong Tilokwattanotai



at Art Centre Bldg., 2nd floor

SAC Gallery

3 April – 22 May 2021





Sunday, 2020
, Oil on Sa paper, 145 x 100 cm


The brushstroke is central to the act of painting. Forever wed to the process of artistic creation. Whether it is combined and layered to create the illusion of form, or left to stand as the form itself, the brushstroke remains a marker of the moment in space and time when the artist connected with the canvas through movement to express emotion.


Brush and Rust, 2020, Acrylic and lacquer on canvas, 145 x 104 cm


Intentional Chance, a solo exhibition by Kitikong Tilokwattanotai, an artist who has worked in non-figurative art for the better part of two decades, refines the brushstroke as a form of communication. The gestural movements and expressive forms akin to calligraphy entice the viewer to meet the artworks halfway, and use their own experiences and linguistic background to decipher meaning in the curves and turns of paint on the canvas.


Midnight, 2020, Acrylic and lacquer on canvas, 155 x 155 cm


In a painting without direct reference to an object or person, the brushstroke must stand alone; it must create its own meaning. Tilokwattanotai, letting his sense of self step aside and automation take over, allows the painting to create itself. Without the intentionality of the artist or a figurative subject, the meaning of these works exist solely in the space between the painting and the viewer. The script-like forms act merely as guides to infinite possibilities. Such meaning, not tied to place or time, has staying power in the mind.


Floating Elements, 2020, Mix media on acrylic, 60 x 60 cm


A master of color and aesthetic delight, Tilokwattanotai’s paintings are a feast for the eyes. He covers the stunning, vibrant compositions with a luscious lacquer, revealing every detail within the  deceptively simple forms of the brushstrokes.

For the entirety of the exhibition, please our Artsy Exhibition.

The exhibition will be held from 3 April – 22 May 2021 with opening reception on 3 April at 6.00 PM onward at 2nd floor, SAC Gallery Map

Open Hour: Tuesday – Saturday, 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM (Sunday is open by appointment)



Installation view















About Artist

Kitikong Tilokwattanotai was born in Lampang, Thailand in 1978. Currently lives and works in Chiangmai, Thailand. Tilokwattanotai works in printmedia, painting, mixed media and collage.

He is the founder and director of Chiangmai Art On Paper – an invitational custom printing studio and gallery which collaborates with Thai as well as international artists in the production of print works. He has held solo exhibitions in Thailand, Germany, Japan, USA and Australia as well as being curated in to many international group exhibitions.

Tilokwattanotai’s works look at graphic representations of text and alphabet. By abstracting calligraphic marks Tilokwattanotai attempts to find beauty in written language. His works are held in several private and public collections including TISCO Art Collection, Rachamankar Hotel, UNSW Arts and Design, Chiangmai University.