SAC Gallery | Land Form: ภูมิลักษณ์
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Land Form: ภูมิลักษณ์

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SAC Gallery

proudly presents


Land Form: ภูมิลักษณ์

curated by Chol Janepraphaphan
and Patticha Thitithammaporn



Akira Ishiguro

Lek Kiatsirikajorn

Trinnapat Chaisitthisak



at Art Centre Bldg., 1st floor

SAC Gallery

9 November – 18 December 2021






Once upon a time, the history was written by human to tell the stories of our efforts to conquer nature, the survival of our race, humanity, to remain existing until the day when we develop our knowledge in various fields, science, social science and anthropology for instance. It pointed out how small we are comparing to geological time scale, on the other hand, turned out to be key player, the protagonist, of the activities occurring in this world which greatly transform the planet and become the footprints of this era.


Akira Ishiguro, Marblesque 3 July 2018, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 181.8 x 259 cm


“Human change the world” over past 300 years, the advancement in healthcare and technology, dramatically increased the human population 10 times, rapidly increased the natural resource consumption and then, following with the increased in production to match with consumption demand. The consumption left vast amount of human footprints in the ecosystem, through the layer of minerals and rocks that crumbed together and formed unique pattern which marked and separated our identical era from Holocene completely.


Akira Ishiguro, Marblesque 20 January 2019, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 181.8 x 259 cm


The history of Geology had been revealed through evident of minerals especially those appeared between layers of rocks. Collecting and whispering the stories from under the ground, turn them into land form which identified the unique tales of the identical era which filled with social and cultural reformation that merged together with Earth system’s transformation into one layer. An effort to maintain earth system balance by embracing the volatility and transform the planet into whole new system which human being have to pause, witness and listen to those change.


Lek Liatsirikajorn, Weerapat Srivichien from Ayutthaya Province, Rama 9, Bangkok, 2012, Giclee print on archival paper, 67 x 83 cm


From the familiar landscape perceived by human visions once created immense pressure on human, challenging us to fight against and live together with or conquer the nature, turned into plain and empty landscape that human tried to hold on, and keep our existence existing through the evident of life we left and abandoned constructions in Lek Kiatsirikajorn’s series of photographs “Lost in Paradise”.


Lek Liatsirikajorn, Suton Yangdee From Saraburi Province, Kampangpetch 3 Road, Bangkok, 2013, Giclee print on archival paper, 67 x 83 cm


Together with Trinnapat Chisitthisak’s works which using the painting line and the creation of forms through space and time, invite us to exploring the changing dimension where two dimension surface turn into complex dimensions over empty space.


Trinnapat Chaisitthisak, 1,710 Lines, 2017, Pen on canvas, 72 x 88 cm


The appearance of human which did not exist on the surface but appeared through the footprints left in the process of creating those dimensions, dive us deep into the landscape created though the process of painting by Akira Ishiguro, to demonstrate the layer of minerals made of air, water and sediment compressed and pressured under the rock layer. Transforming the surface and craved the unique patterns and colors of the era, to identify the joint of period between the geological time scales which connected the story of humanity in history from Industrial revolution to Globalization.


Trinnapat Chaisitthisak, 2,390 Lines, 2017, Pen on canvas, 72 x 88 cm


Knowledge from “Land Form: ภูมิลักษณ์” exhibition is an approach to demonstrate changes in geology with language of art to connected interdisciplinary together to reveals the image of changes invisible to our eyes and creating land form of art which lead us to the arguments in which human lifestyle played the key role in the activities that change and drive the world toward “Anthropocene Epoch”. Triggering humans to be more conscious about the planet, or the place where we lived in, using the changing landscape in contemporary world, perspectives, predictions, and the notion of the period we take part in which contributing to those change.


“Land Form: ภูมิลักษณ์”, this group exhibition will be displaying at 1st Floor, SAC Gallery between 9 November and 18 December 2021.


For the entirety of the exhibition, please visit our Artsy Exhibition.

Open Hour: Tuesday – Saturday, 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM (Sunday is open by appointment)