SAC Gallery | “Life in Plastik”
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“Life in Plastik”

“Life in Plastik”/ Eli Rezkallah’s  /  Poplitically Incorrect” by Saint Hoax/ 12 May – 12 June

Saint Hoax’s, satirist and sociopolitical activist, exhibition “Poplitically Incorrect” presents series of celebrity paintings that change the whole history. From gunpowder to sparkling glitters and from communist to eccentric queen, his works combine pop culture and politics with creativity and surprise.

Eli Eli Rezkallah derives the inspiration from her childhood in oasis land that is destroyed by wars. Some women fake their smile pretending not to care about political situation that was going on. “Life in PLASTIK” creates that identity of the women who refused and ran away from the reality. No matter what color the world in painted, fear of living in destruction cannot be hidden.