SAC Gallery | “ Live a life ” 
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“ Live a life ” 

“ Live a life ” ..Let them live their lives; let their hearts be free..
Songwoot Kaewvisit Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: July 1st 2017 6:00 pm.
Exhibition Duration: July 1st 2017 – July 30th 2017

Humans are born with over 100 billion brain cells, each connecting the nerve ends together like webs that eventually reach its peak at around the age of 10, before slowly decreasing to 50 billion cells in adulthood. Nature has given us a precious time during childhood, the most important time to be creative and for imaginations to grow powerfully.

Although the childhood stage allows the brain to absorb and learn with maximum capacity, it is unfortunate that many children have that opportunity taken away from them by adults. In Thailand, especially, the education system is contaminated with greed and corruption that becomes a vicious cycle which ruin the future of these children. The innocence of a child is toyed by a group of adults that dictates the way a child should think or act and for their personal gains.

Songwoot Kaewvisit grew up in a small village in Khonkaen and had had a childhood that was full of doubts and confusion and questions that were never answered too. Although an adult now, Kaewvisit still yearns for the lost childhood and the opportunities he could have had but never did. The artist would like to use his art as a voice to speak for millions of children whose creative freedom and opportunities to think for themselves were taken away from them.