SAC Gallery | “LOSER CAT”
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“LOSER CAT”/ Niam Mawarakhanong/ 27 February-27 March 2016

Artist Niam Mawarakhanong presents one aspect of life through the new works which are all different from the old ones. They are acrylic paintings of a big cat face, the symbol of cats which humans love, such as cats’ round paws, soft furs, and big round cat eyes. Each painting of cats hide puzzles. The inspiration starts from observing “cat”, the little close friend of the artist, to seek for some answers from a friend from different species. However, the little life of the cat is powerful to the mind because of the bond and the instinct that connects one to another.

“LOSER CAT” is a mimic definition which allude to the artist and his cat who all have to live their own lives with their imperfections they were born with.