SAC Gallery | “Made by Paris”
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“Made by Paris”

“Made by Paris”/ Wisharawish  Akarasantisook/ 24 February- 16 March, 2016

‘Made by Paris?’ art exhibition is from the inspiration occurring to the artist when he was selected to stay at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, France. He spent six months studying, observing and researching mostly about contemporary arts, designing, and fashions. Wisharawish make lifestyles, atmospheres, and movements in Paris into ‘Made by Paris? Imaginary’ art exhibition. There are going to be ‘Map’ of imagination, collage mixed media including photos, quotes, and articles in A4 papers— there are 24 works. Also, ‘The Artisans’, a work in a form of serge blended with photos, features seven works. The seven works are printed on different kinds of materials before they are cut into tiny pieces and woven with silk with the traditional weaving technique of the artist’s hometown. The works are in a form similar to ‘Dtung’, a flag that is used in religious ritual or decorated to celebrate. The content is to present the picture of the blending handicraft of Thailand and France.

photo by Nuttaphon Sornchumgsieang