SAC Gallery | “MOI/SOI”+“Blue”
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13th March – 30th April, two art exhibitions opening

There is going to be the opening of Adler Subhashok Gallery Bangkok with the “MOI/SOI” art exhibition.

In French “Moi” means “I”, and “Soi” means “Self”. “MOI/SOI” is an art exhibition with portrait photography from eight different artists who team up to create art works which present individual identities and various demands of each person in societies. The artists will ask about possibilities to interpret identities, and seek for possibilities to find real selves. This attempt to seek might not lead to a clear conclusion, but would then lead to unclearness and “Moisoi(randomness)”.

The eight artists: Kittikhun ManKich, Pradit Tangprasatwong, Patcharapong Meesin, Lamphu Kansanoa, Kiat-anan Aimjan, Palut Marod, Michael Chaowanasai, Silawit Pulsawat

-“Blue” Art Exhibition by Artist Manit Sriwanitchaphum

The latest art work of Manit Sriwanitchaphum tells stories through the two photo albums. The first one is “Blue” which presents nude photos of both men and women in various distorted postures. Those photos represent an act against something, and frustration and suppressed feelings about political situations. More than that, the second one which is “Red”, presents three photos with the composition where the photos are all painted red. “Red” presents a picture of many women placed overlapped each other in postures which show lust. It is created with the negative photography technique, contrasting with the “Blue” album that is typically positive. The “Red” album implies an act of consenting and satisfaction to have sex, and with the negative photography technique it is not abnormal only in the form of the work but also in the processes and the techniques.