SAC Gallery | Monster (คน สัตว์ สิ่งของ)
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Monster (คน สัตว์ สิ่งของ)

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SAC Gallery

proudly presents


Monster (คน สัตว์ สิ่งของ)

curated by Chol Janepraphaphan
and Patticha Thitithammaporn



Raj Bunnag

Kitikun Mankit

Preyawit Nilachulaka

Taiki Sakpisit

Aof Smith

Vipoo Srivilasa

Komkrit Tepthian




at Art Centre Bldg., 2nd floor

SAC Gallery

16 November 2021 – 12 February 2022

 The Opening Reception: 18 November 2021, 6.00 PM 






Monster is an exhibition exploring the extraordinary exotic story stealth mysteriously behind the image of beast, human and artifact to visualize the conflict inside our mind and society including Love, Greed, Wrath and Illusion which combined into fear. Monster exhibition inspired by the Folklore especially the story people keep repeat telling in society, our culture, and legends in which human, mystical creatures and magical artifacts can communicate and interact with each other. The importance of the relationship between humans and what representing human, believes, class, conflicts and myths reveal the nature and the essence of humanity through multitudinous personalities.


Aof Smith, Monster Music, 2021, Oil on linen, 150 x 150 cm


Using observation of the presentation of the human figure in the form of contemporary art, fusion, modification, mutation and invention of these supernatural personalities as a language often used to interprets social situations, political and also the domination of otherness beyond human body in diverse forms. This “Monster” exhibition will stimulates unearthly perspectives to convey fear and uncertainty atmosphere in society nowadays through artworks from these artists below; Aof Smith, Komkrit Tepthian and Kitikun Mankit who modified and combined human figures with beasts to explain the dreadful situations both in politics and history.


Vipoo Srivilasa, Deity 2, 2016, Clay, gold luster and acrylic , 17 x 9 x 12 cm


Preyawit Nilachulaka, three, Raj Bunnag and Vipoo Srivilasa who inventing exceptional characters which modified the representative of humans with special conditions, to answer the questions in life and emphasize the unlimited desire of humanity. Taiki Sakpisit who use short film to presents the animation and sound which quake the fragility of humanity.


Raj Bunnag, The Cocaine Hurricane, 2020, Relief linocut, 55 x 112 cm


When Contemporary tales in our society and the interaction between living creatures and non-living creatures have been communicated through process of art. The difficult situation in the era has been used to fuel the narrative in art and art is also an indicator to show the story of conflicts, believes or fears hidden inside society. When we look deep enough into artworks, we will find out that the common concept which connected and mix humans, beasts and artifacts together is fear. We can usually find that the contemporary art has been influenced by stories or legends, whether it’s a fictional events which maybe not occur yet or occurring now. Art collects those informal stories to express and response to artist’s opinions.


three, 1678g, 2020, Figure (PVC resin), stainless steel, FRP, PVC and wood, 40 x 18 x 16 cm


When Art is the communication and interactions of concepts, these artworks unveil the nature of metamorphosis in the meanings to reflect the appearances of figure as an interesting medium for contemporary art. The story, legend or hidden conversations in society turn out to be supernatural event managed to be reasonable in the form of art. The important of this exhibition is the audience who acts as the recipient aware of the creator’s narratives and experiences together with them. Giving the audiences opportunity not to be only just the observer but also play an important parts in those narratives. We can use Contemporary art as an indicator to tell us that we lived in the same society, the same culture and especially the same species, still questioning this strange weird world altogether.


Preyawit Nilachulaka, Memonto Moe No.3, 2019, Lenticular printing, 52 x 68 cm


“Monster” group exhibition will be on view at the 2nd floor SAC Gallery between 16 November 2021 until 12 February 2022. Opening Reception at 6PM of 18 November 2021.


For the entirety of the exhibition, please visit our Artsy Exhibition.

Open Hour: Tuesday – Saturday, 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM (Sunday is open by appointment)