SAC Gallery | On The Path Of Different Cultures 2017
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On The Path Of Different Cultures 2017

“ On the path of different cultures ”: Thidarat chantachua : 11 March – 30 April 2017

The thread was embroidered carefully onto dark shade fabric or religious fabric, these fabrics are catching eyes by their gradient color and the way they placed the embroidery to make an optical illusion. This semi abstract work was inspired by “Arabic Art”, the art connected to the religion the artist believes in. This art is known for its outstanding geometric patterns according to the religion belief, “Tawhid the unity of things” and “Mizon the orderly and the balance”. This ancient form of art has been reinterpreted and adjusted to make it more approachable. At first, this Thai artist created art from her experience living in the city and also practicing her religion with family. But her art has changed, as she grew older and moved to different cultures. She has got a new perspective and realized that she is just a naive little girl on this gigantic world but she can still have hope, dream and faith in all those cultures.