SAC Gallery | “One for the birds”
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“One for the birds”

“One for the birds”/ Natanel Gluska/ 15 October- 13 November 2016

The artist has become famous from using natural materials like “trees”. He transform the materials with his expert skills and experiences and creates masterpieces in the form of multi-purpose sculptures which have beautiful and emotional shapes and lines. One for the Birds is his first solo art exhibition in Thailand. Apart from wood he uses other several kinds of materials, such as copper. He uses his own shape in many postures as models to create the works, such as “Fisherman” the lamp, “Little Strong Man” the table. Moreover, the artist has gone back to two-dimension works which are the origin, while not leaving the unique technique of playing with natural materials, like the graphic art “Woodcut” that presents the picture of a forest in his own memory in a profound way.