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Out of Place | @SACbangkok



EN | ไทย


Subhashok The Arts Centre

in collaboration with

Korea Foundation


‘Out of Place’ 

a group exhibition


features Korean and Thai artists:

Israkran Yingyong, Taiki Sakpisit, Dow Wasiksiri, Ruangsak Anuwatwimon, Patipat chaiwitesh, 

Moojin Brothers, Park Kyung Ryul and Hyemin Park



Out of Place is a group contemporary art exhibition, presenting outcomes derived from the presenting artists’ observation over the phenomenon of exchanging, bending or even moving about globally. Ones may occur naturally while many are from disputes, either considered as the consequences of globalisations. Changes in social scape aren’t always pinpoint toward chaoticities, they can also be constituted as another type of systems.



         Israkran Yingyong









       Taiki Sakpisit










Out of Place exhibition comprises of seven contemporary artists and one artist collective from both Thailand and South Korea. They are presenting their perceptions and realizations they have observed between the two locales. The artists in the show work in various mediums including installations, painting, photography and moving images. This exhibition is a conclusion showing the holistic vision of the dynamic society especially in the subaltern aspect that few people have recognized.


Ruangsak Anuwatwimon


The relationship between Thailand and South Korea has been continued for 60 years. Apparently, none of the relationships are always smooth. Yet, both countries are still in constant exchanges of commerce, cultural influence, labour, tourism, art, gastronomy, and etc., which has been even more intensified over the past decade.



Hyemin Park


Out of Place wants to reflect ideas of the contemporary artists who live in the world where everything is interspersed. The exchanging networks always engender the displacement and disposition both in physical and intangible senses. This is not merely about an exchange between these two locales but referred to the active networks and nexus of exchanges existing all around the world.


       Dow Wasiksiri











Ostensibly, the “impetus” that initiates the migration of people, culture, object, and even ideologies is a delicate matter when everything is institutionally categorised through specific nationality, culture, and language. Yet, at the end of the day, this “misplacedness” is a legacy that has been existed before the globalisation and an unfinished project which will forever continue.


Park Kyung Ryul



















Patipat Chaiwitesh


When this exhibition narrated an issue through the collaged landscape of elements, we can recognize their stark edges. Despite the fact that everything is starkly collaged or composed into a massive holistic view — to the extent that it cannot be wholly assessed, Out of Place, at least, shows that there are group of artists who interest in these issues. Their artworks reveal the current situations which evoke us to realize the engrossing phenomenon of diversity that we should pay more attention to.


                                                                                 Moojin Brothers


Out of Place is part of an ongoing exhibition commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Korea-Thailand Diplomatic Relations which was firstly shown at KF Gallery, South Korea in 2018. Afterwards, the exhibition continues to show at Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok.




You are cordially invited to join the opening reception on 23rd March 2019, 6:00 PM at S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre, Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok. The exhibition will be displayed during 19th  March – 28th April 2019, at Art Centre Bldg.-1st floor. The show is curated by Chol Janepraphaphan and Jeongsun Yang. For more information, please contact: email: or tel. +66 2 662 0299, +662 258 5580 ext. 401. Follow the exhibition with official hashtag: #SAC_OutofPlace




Opening Reception & Installation views