SAC Gallery | PINIJ: Mindfulness Quarantine
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PINIJ: Mindfulness Quarantine

Eng | ไทย


SAC Gallery in collaboration with sulphate Gallery

proudly presents


PINIJ: Mindfulness Quarantine


Aroon Puritat x Piyapong Bhumichitra x Tanapol Kaewpring
Decha Archjananun
Jun Sekino
Kris Yensudchai
o-d-a x Phisanu Numsiriyothin
Pirada Senivongse na Ayudhya
Rush Pleansuk
Sumanatsya Voharn
Vassana Saima x Savin Saima
Wisharawish Akarasantisook



at Gallery Bldg., 3rd floor

SAC Gallery

9 March – 30 April 2021






How can you manage the psychological pressures at home during confinement? The current situation in the world that affects our lifestyle causes people to change their behavior and begin to spend more time in domestic spaces — 35% more time in these spaces. More than 70% of the population still chooses to watch movies at home even though theaters are back in operation. The shopping time has been reduced by 90% in European countries. Even though this situation also gives us an opportunity to appreciate time and the environment round us, people around the world are forced to experience these lockdown conditions which affects both the body and mind.



This phenomenon is not limited only to a quarantine space but also to the Social, Economic, Environment in macroscale. The fact that humans must step back from the rapid passage of time to a slower pace could result in an appreciation of their surroundings. Fast or subtle movements of an object or time can arouse the human mind and affect emotional and cognitive experiences.




The Collectible Design Thailand is a biennale exhibition in collaboration between various art galleries and selected designers. Every two years, prominent Thai designers are invited to express their thoughts on different issues such as politics, social movement, environment among others and express them through a design object.

The 2nd COLLECTIBLE ART-DESIGN OBJECT is organized under the name “PINIJ” this year. Together with more than 10 well-known designers from Thailand to present works that are valuable to the body and mind, create concentration, increase happiness and peace all while looking for new possibilities in our POST COVID society



The project is curated by suMphat gallery and aims to enhance the quality of product design and to offer an opportunity for traditional artisans to perform at their best and maintain their knowledge in order to deliver unique works to the collector.



SAC Gallery is delighted to invite you to the opening of “PINIJ: Mindfulness Quarantine” on 12 March 2021 at 6 PM, SAC Gallery, Sukhumvit 39 (Phrom Phong BTS station), Gallery Bldg., 3rd floor Map




Special thanks: Bangkok Design Week 2021, Creative Economy Agency, suMphat Gallery