SAC Gallery | PULSE Art Exhibition
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PULSE Art Exhibition

PULSE Art Exhibition by Chaiyot Chindakul and Dear Pattrawut Wattanawetchasak, 22th May- 20th July

“Power to create is the talent that only artists have.” PULSE art exhibition by the two artists whose works seem to extremely different from each other in terms of techniques and forms. Anyway, the differences surprisingly are the similarities, because the two artists have built up their lives, and made emotions and flesh and blood and every breath with their own art works.

Life is art: Patrawut Wattanawetchasak or Dear is an artist whose body and soul are sadly gone from this world. However, the art works that are full of stern power still do their works and get the very talented artist reborn.

Art is reviving: Chaiyot Chindakul is a gentle young artist whose works are full of charm and emotions. While the other artist is gone and has left his works to represent him, Chaiyot revives old Thai puppets and Chinese puppets and get them moving again with the delicate lined figure that is so unique nobody could ever has the same lined figure as his. His own lined figure really makes all of his puppets look as if they are breathing.