SAC Gallery | ตาฝาด: Reality as it isn’t
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ตาฝาด: Reality as it isn’t

ตาฝาด: Reality as it isn’t

En | ไทย


Solo exhibition by

Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew



at Art Centre Bldg., 1st floor

Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok

During 20 July  2019 – 15 September 2019


Opening Reception: 20th July  2019, 6:00 PM




Life is more than being born, decaying, and dying. Life is about finding happiness in the midst of the suffering; to make meaning from that which has no point. This can culminate in the form of a projection that can result from the fruits of the karmic seeds that we plant. In Buddhism this is referred to in the teachings of “vipaka” and “sankhara”; the maturation of that which has been brought together… the creation of our own reality. Unfortunately the creation of realities has led many of us astray.

In the modern era, the social difference between how our Thai society is now and how it was in the past is clear and obvious. A lot of this could be connected to the fast rise in technology that has been offering an unparalleled world of convenience for us all. Whether it is the car, air-conditioning, tv, phone, or any other tech in our daily lives, they are helpful and soften our complicated experience with life. But everything has a cost. Many people try to have it all, even if that means risking their spiritual freedom whilst promoting these material satisfactions. This is a major point.











What is being mentioned here is important when Uttaporn creates artwork; to reflect the mental turmoil that is caused from suffering from desire.

ตาฝาด: Reality as it isn’t” is the solo exhibition by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew at Subhashok the Arts Centre which has taken the artist 2 years to complete. Uttaporn’s art pieces explore the nature of vulnerability with the disconnection of desire, and draw a connection to this behavior which results in a confusing presence that emanates distress and detachment.



As problems arise in life, we tend to engage our emotions too often when attempting to communicate our thoughts. We experience this repeatedly year after year and we’ve yet to find the best way to minimize the vulnerability that is exposed by our feelings. Our attachments and our cravings, our conditions and our clinging; all of them lead to our suffering. Modern society is steadily vulnerable in relation to the suffering that life’s challenges present.











Our social fidelity to our ambitions gives us something that offers qualities of real perception, though ultimately insubstantial and misleading. Desires can be intense and involve distorted, misinterpreted real perceptions that tend to cloud our mind and judgment. Our motives prioritize visual illusions and our mind constructs a world based on what it is inspecting from the surroundings. Quite often it will try to fill in the gaps, attempting to organize this information in the best way it can. But, it isn’t always successfully grasped through the chaotic mind. Nowadays, People are especially susceptible to illusions as we surrender our daily lives to technology more and more. Though illusions cannot be touched, nor controlled, humans are fascinated by illusion, as they cling to stay ever connected to the external world.

There is meditation on these pieces that can pause the stress from these desires and to contemplate the delicate layers we possess in our own lives as well. Cannot all our suffering be minimized should we all promote a higher quality in our inner worlds instead?











Uttaporn’s artwork is a hallucinating collection of various layers of fine, interwoven fabric that sit suspended in an exceptional 3-dimensional configuration. Each piece is painted and printed, shaped and layered to emanate an illusion of our mental chaos. As in previous exhibitions, the figures in his work are based around members of his family; in this case those who share his external struggle with life’s uncertainty. This struggle with confusion and perceptual importance in life’s situations is displayed through the structure of these works. The works’ airy nature leaves space and gaps for contemplation on finding a common sense between the audience and the artist. These realizations disseminated through the work are connected to the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Should the various changes of society today be consciously understood, they could create a balance in the future mind. The teachings of Buddhism are very meaningful and important to the life of Uttaporn.



Subhashok The Arts Centre cordially invite you to join the vernissage of ตาฝาด: Reality as it isn’t, solo exhibition by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew on 20th July 2019 at 18:00 PM. The exhibition is on display from 20 July  2019 – 15 September 2019
 at Art Centre Bldg., 1st floor, Subhashok the Arts Center, Bangkok.  More inquiries, please contact: or tel. +66 2 662 0299, +662 258 5580 ext. 401.




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About the Artist


Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew 

(born 1980) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology and Master of Fine Arts from Silpakorn University. He is one of Thailand’s most exciting and widely admired new-generation artists; winner of the Sovereign Asia Art Prize in 2006, with many solo exhibitions in Thailand, Canada, USA, and Singapore. His artwork had been collected by the Yuhsiu Museum of Art’s collection in Taiwan and the Musée du quai Branly invited his artwork in this exhibition to be shown in Paris for 5 months. He currently lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.