SAC Gallery | “Red-Eared Slider”
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“Red-Eared Slider”

 “Red-Eared Slider”/ Wipu Sriwilas/ 2 April- 30 April 2016

“Red-Eared Soldier” art exhibition is inspired by an animal that in Thailand is well known as “Japanese turtle”. Japanese turtles came in Thailand with Japanese merchants who came by sea, and they are usually cherished by Thai people. Anyway… when Japanese turtles grow up they develop fierce habit and eventually are released into rivers or canals. When these turtles are in rivers, they start threatening the way other local animals live, such as Thai freshwater turtles. Also, they affect the ecology round. More than that, “these turtles live long”, which means they will affect the local ecology in long term… Therefore, “Red-eared slider” is like a crucial implication for the artist who had to travel around from Bangkok to Melbourne. These red-eared sliders are like a symbol that represents humans’ carelessness towards nature and the environment. Furthermore, it represents traditional selves and individualism towards the societies that he has felt.