SAC Gallery | Shade of Souls
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Shade of Souls

Shade of Souls

Eng | ไทย

S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre and S.A.C. Art Lab

proudly present



Noppanan Thannaree

18 Jan – 31 Mar 2020

@ S.A.C. Art Lab, Chiang Mai




 Silhouette, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 60×80 cm


From bamboo brush to the tip of his oil painting brush of Noppanan Thannaree, a nature observer and a painter who sees extraordinary from ordinary. Painting methodology enhances details on what he is seeing. His improvisation on using self-made tools in investigate trees and shadow. His tree paintings reflect his interest in seeing and presenting nature as it is. Upon the simplicity of all, extraordinary reveals.



 Untitled #2, 2019, Oil on Linen, 23×23 cm


Shade of Souls, a solo exhibition by Noppanan Thannaree challenges the history of botanic drawing on contemporary context. Thannaree recreated tree paintings that fit among abstractive and figurative which somehow recall the impressionism beauty. The artist has furthered the ordinary landscape painting to realm of abstracts.



 Untitled #3, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 60×80 cm


S.A.C. Art Lab cordially invite you to a solo exhibition of Noppanan Thannaree, from 18 th January – 31 st March 2020. The opening reception of the exhibition starts at 18.00 pm of 18th January at S.A.C Art Lab allocated at De Naga Hotel 21 Soi 2 Rashmakla Moolmuang Road Tambon Phrasingh Muang Chiang Mai, 50200.





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About the Artist

Noppanan Thannaree was born on January 31st, 1988 in Chiang Rai, Thailand. He graduated the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Thai art at the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University. 

After graduating, Thannaree started to present his artworks in 2013. He used a bamboo pencil to create works with Chinese Ink on paper through the process of line repetition which seemed like mediation. The shapes and forms of trees, leaves and simple structures of natural view were presented. Subsequently, he has been interested in using the shapes of natural objects for expressing respect to the value and the common of nature.

In 2014, he had first solo exhibition titled “The Tranquility of Mind” at Chamchuri Art Gallery, Bangkok. Later, the second solo exhibition in 2017 was “Simple – Truth” at People Gallery, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. His most recent solo exhibition is “Shade of Souls” at S.A.C. Art Lab, Chiang Mai, in 2020.

Thannaree has been creating and constantly showing artworks in Thailand and overseas. Currently, he lives in Nakhon Pathom and Chiang Rai.