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Subhashok The Arts Centre and S.A.C. Art Lab
proudly presents




a solo exhibition by

Arnont Nongyao

showcasing his new series of works

at S.A.C. Art Lab, Chiang Mai
during 29 September – 31 October 2018

Opening Reception: 29th September  2018 from 6:00 pm.








Arnont Nongyao is known to be at the forefront in sound experimenting amongst young Thai artists and has exhibited within and outside of Thailand. Nongyao’s recent project is seeking ways to create sound spacing by using magnetic reels. If light travelling creates time, then by Nongyao lowering the speed of sound travelling is to establish a new realm of seeing and hearing. Audiences can enter this virtual sphere where time and space are related but in a different way.





‘Sphere’, the most recent work by Nongyao was created under the idea of the relationship between space and time: sounds plays the role as a medium among the two, and the magnetic tapes as surface that conceive shocking waves, encapsulating time as the reel turns. Sphere works as physical evidence that could stretch out through time in comparison to the virtual Sphere that is expanding only in specific realm.



Nongyao has found a new way to work with magnetic tape players by presenting sounds through different objects in order to react with audience’s recognitive senses. Audiences will be surrounded with the atmosphere of modified music that are stretched and slowed down until the senses are distorted. Some sounds linger with the audiences like ear worms while at the same time they do not recognize any of the melody anymore. Audiences are witnessing the disappearing of one dimension and entering to another.









S.A.C. Art Lab, under the management of Subhashok The Arts Centre, cordially invite you to a sound exhibition of Arnont Nongyao, (((sphere))), from 29th September – 31st October 2018. The opening of the exhibition starts at 18.00 pm of 29th September 2018 at S.A.C Art Lab allocated at De Naga Hotel 21 Soi 2 Rashmakla Moolmuang Road Tambon Phrasingh Muang Chiang Mai, 50200. Tel. 063 664 2924



– Exhibition Curated by Chol Janepraphaphan
– Follow the exhibition with the official hashtag: #sacsphere





About Artist

Arnont Nongyao (b. 1979, Bangkok) lives and works in Chiang Mai. He graduated in Painting from Chiang Mai University but became interested in sound and moving images.

His practice centres on experimentation with vibrations that are derived from humans, organisms, things, and social forms. His works usually result in performance or installation, often in site-specific or public spaces. Arnont has presented works widely at various exhibition and festival platforms locally and internationally.

Arnont is Co-Director of Chiang Mai Collective (CMC), an open network of innovative sound artists and practitioners in Chiang Mai.





Opening Reception