SAC Gallery | นิ/ราษฎร์: The L/Royal Monument
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นิ/ราษฎร์: The L/Royal Monument

Eng | ไทย


SAC Gallery

proudly presents


นิ/ราษฎร์: The L/Royal Monument

curated by Chol Janepraphapan



Wattawat Tongkeaw



at Art Centre Bldg., 1st-2nd floor

SAC Gallery

22 June – 18 September 2021

Opening reception: 24 June 2021, 1.00-6.00 PM





Wittawat Tongkeaw is among the artists who have steadfastly stood for democratic ideals and fought for social change. In the past years, his artworks proved effective in their criticism of an unsettling socio-political situation and the crises befalling the country today. His realistic paintings—which make up part of this exhibition—employ a visual vocabulary closely entwined with the surrounding context, narrating an uneasy, constricted setting using layers of paint that serve to conceal and reveal.


สายันต์อัสดง (Dawn), 2021, Oil on canvas, 112​ x 99 cm


The L/Royal Monument showcases the traditional technique and language of realistic painting, one that retains its potency through camouflaged hints of social criticism. These artworks convey the artist’s outlook on Thailand’s political crossroads; his malaise when faced with the narrow—prevailing—worldviews and values; the violence exercised on unarmed citizens by a power both visible and which we have been coerced into treating as invisible; the stifled freedoms of expression and opinion; the paralysis that has engulfed Thai society, numbing it to all that is abnormal.


อาเพศ (Apocalypse), 2021, Oil on canvas, 112​ x 99 cm


These works manifest a sublimation of meaning; their interpretation functioning through a violent meeting with our own sensations—especially when their meaning is split apart and connects with our individual experiences. The paintings and installations in this exhibition are not merely hiding places for facts or political views, but operate as sardonic renditions of the current political climate through the overlaying of meanings that have been suppressed. Political undertones become revealed through the unfolding of the surface meaning that is itself imbued with a sense of quiet and stillness, hovering between the aesthetic and the poetic.


ราษฎร์​ประสงค์ (Intersection of Wills), 2021, Oil on canvas, 112​ x 99 cm


The exhibition The L/Royal Monument will be on view at SAC Gallery from 22 June until 18 September 2021. The opening reception will take place on 24 June 2021 at 13.00-18.00. Map


For the entirety of the exhibition, please our Artsy Exhibition.

Open Hour: Tuesday – Saturday, 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM (Sunday is open by appointment)