SAC Gallery | The truth of the matter(s) is.
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The truth of the matter(s) is.

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proudly present

The truth of the matter(s) is.

a solo exhibition


Weerapong Sansomporn




during   24th November – 23rd December  2018

at Subhashok The Arts Centre

1st floor, Art Centre Bldg.




“I wish to approach truth as closely as possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.” ― Piet Mondrian






When we talk about the art of abstraction, we most often conjure up visions of images lacking a shape and the competing idea that forms and content are fixed. The audience’s individual interpretations translate these abstracted forms into causes that lead to the unique destinations of individual meanings. What we know as a truth, is first, an abstract in our minds long before we ever understand the properties of what an abstract actually is. Through postmodernity, we begin to understand the significance between the knowledge of truth and perception of this truth. While knowledge is the story of the theoretical truth, perception is the story of numerous individual experiences with the truth.





Visual abstraction cares not about whether it is understood for what it is creating, but rather, cares entirely for the emotional reaction that it is causing.


The truth of the matter(s) is.” is the solo exhibition at Subhashok The Arts Center of Weerapong Sansomporn who created this series over the course of as a year at the Thaillywood artist residency. It was here, far from others, that Weerapong had the time and space to find what he was doing. In isolation, he dealt with his emotions thru his work and deconstructed his understandings of figurative work. Symbolizing his truth in a different way, he created this metalworks series that seeks to express the natural impression of engaging with oneself honestly.





Through the wrinkles and twists of lines, the eye draws in along the earth tones that are folding and textured, familiar and intrinsic. A closer look reveals a confusing strength of steel, copper, and aluminum flowing into frozen abstractions of our world. Detachments from reality changes how we see our nature, our society, and our concepts with the movements and moments that provide the memories of life in fixed time. These works, just as our perceptions, are deceptively strong while being often delicate in construction. We perceive things at their most fundamental level subconsciously but cloud our perceptions with language and context. What often we know to be true is what remains behind the abstraction. When one considers the reputable strength that metals represent and the variable quality that nature holds, one gets a sense of the striking balance achieved as these fluid movements contrast with their suspended imagery. The lines of the steel are rhythmic and intertwined, catching notions of our inherent comforts. The textures resonate organically, as their color and volume draw in their social space. These works collectively represent three-dimensional organic abstractions, mirroring the earthy connections to our society in space and life. This is connected using unconventional materials that provide a considerable, stagnant strength to elemental moments that are whimsical, dramatic, and passing.


The library of human ideas has derived from a plethora of abstracts. The language that we have devised for the abstract has arrived from the acceptance of our inner feelings. These ideas later on spawn into tangible societal concepts. Not all of our communication through these tangible abstracts can be understood, nor is that necessary. We have found that as long as the abstractions are sincere, one’s perceptions can always be drawn out. Through this, we witness how art gathers us closer to the sources of our essential truths by engaging with our urge to feel in communion with the laws of nature. Abstraction reminds us of our subconscious understanding that there is an implicit truth to the whole. This collection of metal works resulted from a creative process that was immersed in a search for finding this truth through a blend of memory, experience, feelings and skills.






Subhashok The Art Centre and Thaillywood Artist Residency cordially invite you to join the exhibition of “The truth of the matter(s) is.” by Weerapong Sansomporn. The exhibition will be shown from 24th November 2018 – 23rd December 2018 at Art Centre Bldg., 1st floor, Subhashok the Arts Center, Bangkok.  Curated by Linjie Zhou. Opening reception will be at 18:00 on the 24th November 2018. Follow the exhibition with official hashtag: #THETRUTHOFTHEMATTERIS    More inquiries please contact:



Thank you Thaillywood Artist Residency so much for kind cooperation and support.



Opening Night & Installation View


















About Artist


Weerapong Sansomporn, graduate of both Silpakorn University and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, has constructed a powerful series centered on the genuineness of perceptions. Multiple winner of the Panasonic contemporary painting competition and best student honors from his fine arts program, Sansomporn’s experience and refined abilities are evident in the superb quality of this abstract works collection. Most recognizable for his elaborate metal works which resemble delicate formations often seen in fabrics and earthly forces, this new series adds a touch of wonder seen in subtle new uses of steel that provide a new focus on determined truths.