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TRANSUNIVERSEart exhibition by the three artists; Niam Mawarakhanong, Praiya Ketkul and Sinit Sae-jia

2nd August- 20th July

The universe is the existence of everything. Everything all exists, decays, disappears, transforms, and circulates in the boundary of what is called the ‘universe’ art exhibition by the three artists. The exhibition will lead us to the world of imagination from reality in several levels of the existence of everything in the universe. Therefore, the word ‘Transuniverse’ here means both ‘to move or travel into the space or places in physical dimensions’ and ‘to travel into the world of imagination and individual persons’ minds’. It uses art works as the way to imitate virtual worlds from the minds of the artists in order to present them to other humans.

Sinit Sae-Jia is an artist who presents the livelihood of humans especially in a city where social systems and ways of life are complicating. Praiya Ketkul presents imagination from nature using over-sized figures which attract and provoke the audience. Niam Mawarakhanong presents emotions which are deep abstract by making it into simple figures of imagination.