SAC Gallery | Treasury of Time คลังแห่งเวลา
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Treasury of Time คลังแห่งเวลา

Eng | ไทย



S.A.C. in collaboration with Rosewood Bangkok



a solo exhibition by

Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn

during 23 Sep – 3 Nov 2019

at Rosewood Bangkok Hotel




Jewelry of humanity, 2018, Oil on canvas, 190 x 150 cm.


Treasury of Time exhibition refers to the stories of existence, prevail and perish of time showing the impermanence of it. This idea raise the question ‘if the time is impermanent, how can we perceive about it?’. The answer of this curiosity is studying in humanity through history and contemporary life making people to believe that time exists. In the same as this exhibition, the artist, Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn, tells the story from his memories, attitude and feeling through people, animals, things and incidents.


Ancient rhapsody, 2018, Oil on canvas, 190 x 150 cm.


“… If sequence of events and memories are the origin of time, then time is uncertain but dramatically change upon each person’s experience. All the stories in our dream usually feel much longer than sleep duration. So if we have no any memories left, can we still imagine about ‘time’? Does the past still exist? We can realize the past from the evidences and traces. If somethings that used to be exist but trackless, does it mean that the things are not real? I believe that time is not linear, it curves and distorts according to our state of mind. Sometimes, our stories might be long, but some might be short. Also, some of them may be embedded down at the deepest part of our shame and being forgotten …”

Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn
Thonburi, 2019


Disorders scenery, 2018, Oil on canvas, 180 x 200 cm.


The artworks by Sritrakulkitjakarn are freshly new thanks for an immediate creation of his work. He also combine his talent and experience as his inspirations and add them on canvas to show the concept of ‘Time is impermanent’ and ‘Everything in our high speed life, both object and incident, just swiftly come and go.’ As a result, the symbol on the canvas represents the various of emotions and the truth at the time it was created which perfectly match with the updraft technique. This procedure will express the true perspective of emotions and time. The completion of thought from the history is the fuel for his artworks. Besides, the perfect contrast of color technique clearly explains the symbol along with keeping the unique of the systematic thought and skill also.


Future in the cloud, 2018, Oil on canvas, 150 x 180 cm.


Therefore, Sritrakulkitjakarn’s artworks are composed of the form, emotion and color which are perfectly combined together into a story. However, the meaning of his artworks is depended on the individual imagination, experience and memory of the audience.


The World Pillar, 2018, Oil on canvas, 200 x 180 cm.


The exhibition is on display from 23 September – 3 November 2019 on 3rd floor, Rosewood Bangkok Hotel (BTS Ploenchit), Ploenchit Rd., Bangkok. More inquiries, please contact: or tel. +662 662 0299, +662 258 5580 ext. 401.



About the Artist


Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn has had experience in exhibiting in local and international venues over hundred times from 2002 until present. Aside from winning a national prize and showing his works in Thailand, Sritrakulkitjakarn has shown his works in many countries such as Korea, Japan, Romania, Italy, Poland, Greece, Germany, France, Malaysia, Egypt, USA, Spain, Singapore, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Laos, Vietnam, Czech Republic and Macedonia.