SAC Gallery | “UNTIE”
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“ UNTIE ”/ Songwoot Keawvisit ,  Krittiya Poonsawat ,  Prang Jorakhet/ 21 February  – 5 April

Untie is the definition of the three artists’ exhibition. The work portrays the meaning of untying the thoughts that used to tie them up. 3 different artists are revealing themselves to the audience through their art works in 3 ways based on each of their past experience.

“Songwoot Keawvisit”

The artist has shown his work both in Thailand and aboard continuously. His oil paintings tell the story of “inspired man” who dreams and imagines and passes it till it becomes a cycle rooted deeply for the next generation.

“Krittiya Poonsawat”

A young stylist is presenting his artwork first time in his life here. His work owns the feeling of his favorite antique European artists with Paintery style.

“Prang Jorakhet”

The only female artist with her oil paintings that portray different facial expressions and movements of the artists showing variety of feelings; funny, satiric and sarcastic, yet they bring a smile of your face. Her works reflect the strength that is hidden underneath a smiley girl, clothes, fashion and people from her mom’s generation.