SAC Gallery | Variations of Pauses
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Variations of Pauses

Eng | ไทย


S.A.C. in collaboration with Rosewood Bangkok



Variations of Pauses

curated by Linjie ZHOU


a solo exhibition by

Chayanin Kwangkaew


at Art Connection – 3rd floor (BTS Ploenchit exit 1)

Rosewood Bangkok Hotel

1 September – 30 November 2020








As life plays out in front of our eyes, millions of tiny details are hidden in the context, some passing by before we ever understand their importance. Quite often everything can move around quickly, focused on the spacing of time more than the stationary objects in our surroundings. Whether consciously evaluated or not, the continual juxtaposition of these fluid and solid elements in life brings confusion and conflict.



Kwangkaew’s solo exhibition “Variations of Pauses” is a part of his solo exhibition “A Symphony of Pauses” in Subhashok the Arts Centre, A range of sounds and movements, reminiscent of a symphony. The visual world is ephemeral, the mental world is seemingly eternal. The symphony of the elements that combine to create our memories is timeless. Layered within this there are many variations consisting of simple, usually harmonized melodies. They appear first in their original forms, being then repeated several or many times. Each time they carry a varied treatment connected to the theme, pulling together the general melodic or harmonic form in an evident way. Each painting represents a variation of a moment, a series of pauses that accumulate to a powerful movement that effortlessly builds on itself. In this exhibition we will focuses on those ordinary things as time can changes rapidly before our eyes, quite often faster than we realize. The unspoken desire to stop the hands of the clock and savor all the moments would be desirableif we even knew which parts would be important to us in hindsight.



Kwangkaew’s desire to be able to study each memorable moment in search of the answers to life is emphasized in the compositions he presents in this series. There are things that can change, growing with time and things that cannot be locked into a state of stability. His brushstrokes that project super realism are the slow moments in life or rather the object of attention, the main character.  The blurred images are those moments that are going by quickly around this focus. This concept of time plays out continuously but it’s quite often too fast for us to see. Many times in life we feel something happening in our surrounding only to see nothing as we suddenly turn around. Some things change to fast to see, leaving behind traces of what was and questions of what could be.



If treated with the utmost sincerity, If we could just focus on the idea that a stationary object could be the main focus in a moment of time, this could actually contain the knowledge of that which is the explanation of life, the illusion of time. As a flower changes quickly in its brief life, Kwangkaew’s paintings become the flowers time. From the perception of the flowers concept of time, it is unaware of its own quick blossom and ending. It too sees the fast movement of its surroundings and can’t even enjoy its ephemeral beauty.



The exhibition is on display from 1 September – 30 November 2020 at Art Connection (BTS Ploenchit Exit 1), 3rd floor, Rosewood Bangkok Hotel, Ploenchit Rd., Bangkok. More inquiries, please contact: or tel. +662 662 0299, +662 258 5580 ext. 401.



The opening and installation view