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Eng | ไทย


S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre

proudly presents



from the collection of

Surapon Bunyapamai


at Art Centre Bldg. – 3rd floor

Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok

8 August – 27 September 2020

Opening Reception: 8 August 2020, 1:00-7:00 PM

Curator Tour: 8 August 2020, 3:50 PM




Wonderscape is an exhibition of five great Thai masters: Chalood Nimsamer, Sawasdi Tantisuk, Montien Boonma, Angkarn Kalayanapong and Hem Vejakorn. These influential pieces that are selected from Surapon Bunyapamai’s collection are works on paper that includes paintings and drawings which will be exhibited at Subhashok The Arts Centre.


Unknown (From Dharma Silpa series), 1994, Gouache on Sa paper, 54 x 75 cm


Furthermore, the use of these exquisite works in Wonderscape highlights their location within Thai art history. And although these works are grounded within their methodologies, it is important to note that they pioneered a movement and ways of thinking that soon became the foundation for the Thai contemporary art structure. Moreover, even though the old masters have passed away, their creations still remain legendary and is used to inspire and educate the later generation. The works paved the way for the development of composition, new ideas and techniques which became the turning point of the artistic practice during the period of time where the Thai modern period transitioned to the Thai contemporary period.


Unknown, circa 1989, Watercolor on paper, 53 x 39 cm


Sawasdi Tantisuk is known for his iconic watercolor-painting technique that depicts the subject matter of architecture and landscape. The meticulous but swiftly drawn lines are juxtaposed with the depiction of air. This technique of the depiction of form has instigated and inspired new ways of depicting form in abstract painting. Furthermore, Sawasdi was also nominated as the Thai National Artist and worked rigorously and continuously as an artist until the end.


Unknown (From Daughters series), 1994, Gouache and charcoal on Sa paper, 75 x 54 cm

Unknown (From Khun Nai Look-in series), 1970, Gouache on hard board, 80 x 60 cm











Chalood Nimsamer contributed to redefining the Thai art education system especially in composition studies, print making and installation art. His work notably uses rough and full-bodied strokes in his line drawings especially in his work about his daughter. These strokes are simple in the ways that it depicts the form in a modest but robust manner and also demonstrates Chalood’s extensive knowledge of art. And with every single point, every brush stroke, every line. Moreover, the work is carefully constructed whilst radiating this feeling and atmosphere of the Thai culture that spans from the bottom of the frame to the top.


Sign of New Civiliazation No.3 (From A Changing World series), 1984, Mixed techniques, 65 x 95 cm


Montien was known for his development of mixed media creations in the Thai art world. His works defined Thai art differently than the way it was understood in the past. Furthermore, his works defined Thai art differently than the way it was understood in the past. And with the majority of his practice mixing materials that are considered to be meager, such as soil, candles, rice sacks and rice straws, Montien invented a new way of communicating through art. This is because the materials used are meant to represent the life span of the Thai farmers that are being measured and calculated based on globalization.


Unknown, Circa 1940-1942, Pencil and watercolor on paper, 24.5 x 18 cm

Unknown, Circa 1940-1942, Pencil and watercolor on paper, 21.5 x 16.5 cm










Furthermore, the completion of the marvelous landscapes would be impossible without Hem Vejakorn’s illustrations that fulfilled this part in art history. Hem utilizes these unusual techniques such as perspective and anatomical comprehension with light and shadow studies. Hem had learned from Carlo Rigoli – an infamous Italian painter who was commissioned to design and decorate The Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall during the reign of King Rama VI. Hem’s fine creations were especially powerful and prevalent during the transitional period between art education and the western art influences from the Italian artist. The artist combined both Thai traditional and western drawing styles together which became the starting point for the creation of illustrations for local stories, folklores and religious tales from the past and up until now.


Unknown, 1994, Crayon and gold leaf on paper, 50 x 75 cm


Angkarn Kalayanapong has been known for his devotion in Thai literature and Thai arts. The two creative realms were shattered by the arrival of Angkarn, he was incredibly talented and well-versed in traditional Thai art conservation practices. Furthermore, he was very articulate in using tempera and charcoal in his painting. And even though, Fua Haripitak had an extraordinarily strong artistic influence upon Angkarn practices, he was able to extract and develop the extremely fluid and free Thai traditional pattern which became the very first pattern in Thai contemporary art.


Unknown (From Paintings and Candles series), 1980, Wax and charcoal on paper, 75 x 105 cm


Wonderscape is derived from the wondrous scape where skills are combined with the heroic contributions and experiences of the five masterminds through the facilitations from the collection of Surapon Bunyapamai. It is an incredible honor to be able to have the opportunity to live during this contemporary period and be able to witness the works that is enriched with experiences and inspires creativity from such phenomenal practices that were once the starting point of where we are now.


— Chol Janepraphaphan



Subhashok The Arts Centre is delighted to invite you to the opening of “Wonderscape” on August 8, 2020 at 1:00-7:00 PM, Subhashok The Arts Centre, Sukhumvit 39 (Phrom Phong BTS station), Art Centre Bldg., 3rd floor Map



The opening night and installation view