SAC Gallery | Bangkok Post - 26 July 2017
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Bangkok Post – 26 July 2017

Bangkok Post – 26 July 2017

“Weaving Narratives: Awaken”

Opening Reception: Auggust 5 2017

August 5th 2017 – September 10th 2017

“Weaving Narratives: Awaken” is Kma Sirisamphan’s first bronze sculpture solo exhibition. In the past few decades, he has constantly spoken to himself through his works, transforming his feelings for everything into his creative energy for each piece. The whole series is from his own and others’ life experience, pulling from his perceptions of dealing with growth, success and failure, seeking for the value of life. All the pieces express not only the full range of his cheeky and intellectually subtle language of sculpture but also show his wonderful outlook on creating in life.

He does not like being restrained and contrived as an artist, instead loving to be flexible and open, qualities which have become the direction for his creativity. In this series, he successfully brings together the subject matter with developmental thinking.

“In my opinion, there is the responsibility as the artist to not only create aesthetic works but to also remind people to be mindful through my works.” by sharing this experience, Kma Sirisamphan encourages the public to contemplate their own life experiences.

Born in 1966, Kma Sirisamphan graduated from Silpakorn University with a Bachelor in Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts in 1992. After receiving his degree he had one group thesis exhibition, and joined the 37th National Exhibition of Art, then shifted to start to work with his own business as an and event organizing company that used art as a key tool.

Throughout his series, Kma Sirisamphan has shone a spotlight on the curvature of the sculptures. The form of the muscles exhibits an emotional force. The attention to detail establishes a middle ground where abstract meets realism. The focus is on the lines of the muscles and the colors used are natural. Staying true to his concept, the significance is staying strong and continuing to move through life as one tries to strike the balance between ups and downs. His sculptures urge us to keep going through the hurdles of life while building a mindful position on the meaning of it all.

The reception of exhibition will be held in Subhashok the Arts Centre on August 5th 2017, exhibition duration is from August 5th 2017 to September 10th 2017.