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About Us

SAC Gallery

was founded by Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri, a collector of many decades and an avid supporter of Thai contemporary art. We promote young and emerging Thai and South East Asian contemporary artists to the international audience, with the aim to bring our culture to the global stage.

MONSTER (คน สัตว์ สิ่งของ)

a group exhibition by 8 artists

Date: 16 Nov 2021 – 12 Feb 2022

Venue: SAC Bangkok

Our Qualities

With three in-house curators

we are confident in our knowledge in the Thai contemporary art. Unlike traditional gallery spaces, our gallery promotes a friendly and welcoming experience for all visitors and our staff are always on site to assist. Private tours are very welcome with advanced booking. We are constantly engaging with the local community, with regular workshops and education programs throughout the year.

Ambitious: we strive to be the best in Thai contemporary art0%
Focus: we focus on what we know well, offering expertise in the field of Thai contemporary art0%
Commitment to customers, to meet your satisfaction and exceed your expectations0%
Commitment to educating and providing access to art for the public0%

Artist of the Month


[Born 1974], in Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan Lives and works in Saitama.


Akira ISHIGURO is a self-taught artist whim began his career in 2008. When he was painting faux-marble surface as an artisan, he was interested in the uncertainty of the concept of “Genuine” by painting “Fake”. He presents his artworks that delve into “the interval of the torsion of the truth and falsehood” from a unique perspective.


His major artworks include “A Steganographic Romance” (2009-) series in which his oil paintings ask the ideal of the human body in the art history.
The “Gravitational Field” (2011-) series, which draws fragments of nature encompassing the whole world as a landscape painting without perspective, is a figure exploring the texture of genuine marble.


The “Marblesque” (2015-) series, which has a surface layer developed oppositely, captures the glossy sensation of `the metamorphism by heat’, which multiples the marble-generation process and the reality of the creation of its own, and turns metamorphism on the canvas. It can be said that it is a painting of an imaginary scenery.


Moreover, the “painting of Marble” (2018-) series can be interpreted as a painterly expression as well as the visual representation of `Anthropocene’, a new stratum age in geology.

LAND FORM: ภูมิลักษณ์

a group exhibition by 3 artists

Date: 9 Nov – 18 Dec 2021

Venue: SAC Bangkok


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