SAC Gallery | Aof Smith
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Aof Smith

Aof Smith

Graduated in M.F.A in visual arts in KMITL in Bangkok after he received his Bachelor degree of Fine art  in Chulalongkorn University,

A bright and talented Thai artist, expressing his perception and imagination through the wonders of Pop-surrealism. The main characters in Aof Smith’s work are a fluffy bulldog named Furry, whose curiosity is posted onto everything around him,

And a girl who represents pure innocence, revealing the chaotic world, each character revealing feelings of excitement and fear, as well as confusion.

Though there is heavy undertone of sorrow throughout the works; still a deep sense of purity and perseverance shines bright. His works have his own unique black humor inside. By far one of the more notable artists to be on the look out for.


2015 Solo Exhibitions

  • Skeptical, Subhashok the Arts Centre, Bangkok.

2012 Solo Exhibitions

  •  Tempting Passion, Vanishing Emotion, Number1 Gallery, Bangkok.

Group Exhibitions 2010

  • Honorable Mention, Thai Education, Jamjuree Art Gallery, Bangkok.
  • The 2nd Art Thesis Exhibition, The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok.
  • Blooming ,Thesis Exhibition by Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Art and    Cultural Center, Bangkok.

Group Exhibitions 2009

  • Visual Art Pathway, Krungthai Art Gallery, Bangkok.
  • Chula- Krabi, KrungThai Bank Art Gallery, Bangkok.
  • Whisper of the Heart, Amari Watergate, Bangkok

Group Exhibitions 2008

  • Unlimited Art Exhibition, River City, Bangkok

Group Exhibitions 2007

  • Day Dreamer, Jamjuree Art Gallery, Bangkok.

Group Exhibitions


  • Visual Art King Rama IX Thailand, Chula Museum, Bangkok.
  • Ciao Art, Sathorn11 Art Space, Bangkok.


  • Color Me Bear, Sathorn11 Art Space, Bangkok.
  • Pure Love, Centara Grand, Bangkok.
  • L’ Amour, Sathorn11 Art Space, Bangkok.
  • The ๒nd Exhibition of Thai Contemporary Art, River City, Bangkok
  • Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Singapore.


  • Art Taipei 2015, Taipei.
  • MUSE, Rooftop Gallery, Bangkok.
  • Digital Mirror, Arch Enemy Art, Philadelphia, PA


  • Sight Beyond Sight, Arch Enemy Art, Philadelphia, PA.
  • The ๑st Exhibition of Thai Contemporary Art, River City, Bangkok.
  • HOF ART NOW, Hof Art Space, Bangkok.
  • Earth Day Show, 423 West Gallery, LA.


  • Ecstasy, Brown Sugar Play House, Bangkok.
  • FROM HANGANG TO CHAOPRAYA, Korean Cultural Center in Thailand, Bangkok.
  • The Best Art Thesis Exhibition 2013, The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok.
  • MAP 7th Master of Fine Art Exhibition, Jamjuree Art Gallery, Bangkok.
  • Case 49 Gallery Exhibit No.1, Grease, Bangkok.


  • FROM HANGANG TO CHAOPRAYA, National Gallery, Bangkok 2012
  • Emerging Artists 2012, Limner Gallery, New York.
  • Art is  Ageless, Center Point Gallery, Central World , Bangkok. 2011
  • Moment of Happiness, Jamjuree  Art Gallery, Bangkok. 2011