SAC Gallery | Surachai Mawornkanong
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Surachai Mawornkanong

Surachai Mawornkanong

(Niam) is an established Thai artist specializing in intricate acrylic painting that often projects a quality reminiscent of well-assembled oil works.

Though possessing degrees in philosophy and fine art, the majority of his technique is self-taught and compliments the fact that he is colorblind.

His work also displays a versatile vision, ranging between abstract principles and realistic portraiture.

He had solo exhibitions “ Transuniverse” in Subhashok The Arts Center, “Lunar Animalia”, “Spirit, Air” and “I wanna lost myself in a jungle” in Chamchuri Art Gallery.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Solo Exhibitions

  • “นี่แหละโลก” (A Place Called Earth) Subhashok The Arts Centre

2016 Solo Exhibitions

  • “Loser cat” แมวห่วย  Subhashok The Arts Centre

2014 Solo Exhibitions

  • “Transuniverse” Subhashok The Arts Centre

2013 Solo Exhibitions

  • “Lunar Animalia” Chamchuri Art Gallery, Bangkok.

2010 Solo Exhibitions

  • “Spirit, Air” Chamchuri Art Gallery, Bangkok.

2008 Solo Exhibitions

  • “I Wanna Lose Myself in a Jungle” Chamchuri Art Gallery, Bangkok.

Group Exhibitions


  • “Circus Terminal” Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai.


  • “14th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh” Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh.
  • “Jamjuree Art on the Move: Selected Exhibition” Crystal Design Center, Bangkok.


  • “Cat’s Party 2nd Art Exhibition” Meo Jai Dee Gallery, Chiang Mai.


  • “Cat’s Party 1st Art Exhibition” Meo Jai Dee Gallery, Chiang Mai.
  • “Visual Arts Festival, 55th Anniversary of The College of Fine Arts” The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok.