SAC Gallery | Surapong Sudasna Na Ayudhya
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Surapong Sudasna Na Ayudhya

(Born1984), is a young artist who takes his work seriously, putting  in years of research to develop its best sense of poetic quality.

For his most recent exhibtion, Hero, Surapong spent two years living in construction sites to record and study the lives of the construction works.

Surapong started the project with the belief that,” When you are feeling unfortuante, look at other people who are less privileged than you are”, and so he began his observation. What was revealed, however, was a new philosophy towards life; to appreciate what you have and to have hope for tomorrow.

Surapong channeled the inspiration of this philosophy to empower and glorify the physical builders of Thai society. Surapong’s work is characterized by large hands and feet, which symbolize the strength and power of the labor profession. He adds character and authenticity to the paintings by adding found-on-site materials and dark ink colors. 

Solo Exhibitions


  • ANTHRO” ARTHUB @ back, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand


  • “INSPIRO” Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok,


  • “HERO”, S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok, Thailand



  • Hanoi Art Connecting 4 International Art Exhibition workshop, Vietnam
  • Yogyakarta International Art Festival, Indonesia


  • Thailand & Nepal Art Exchange workshop & exhibition, Krabi, Thailand –
  • Hanoi March Connecting 3 Internationnal Art Exhibition & Workshop,
    Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 2nd Andaman Internationnal Art workshop & Exhibition, Andaman Art
    Museum, Krabi, Thailand


  • Excellence Award “Shanghai international contemporary art exchange exhibition and workshop 2017, Shanghai, China
  • “HANOI MARCH CONNECTING2” International art exhibition and workshop, Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Pulau Ketam International Art Festival, Malaysia
  • Myanmar-Thailand Watercolour art Exchange and Workshop, The Yangon Gallery
  • Hanoi March Connecting”, International Art Exhibition and Workshop,
    Hanoi, Vietnam
  • The 5th Amata Art Award, Amata Castle Chonburi, Thailand
  • Asian Watercolor Art Exhibition 2016 Andaman Museum Culture Center


  • City-Remembrance-Reimagining”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Group Exhibition “The Autopsies Live in Bangkok”, National Gallery


  • 8 Years young Artists talent, The Queen’s Gallery
  • The 16th Panasonic Contemporary Printing Exhibition 2014, National
  • No man’s Land” One: East Asia Art Space, Thong
    Teck Building, Singapore


  • The 4th Young artists talent Art Exhibition, Royal Thai Consulate
    General Los Angeles, USA
  • The 3rd Asia Plus Art Contest, The Queen’s Gallery
  • After The Missing Dialogue” People’s Gallery,
    Bangkok & Culture
  • The 59th National Exhibition of Art


  • The 14th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition 2012, National
  • The 58th National Exhibition of Art, National Gallery
  • The 3rd UOB Painting of The Year Exhibition, National Gallery
  • The 3rd Bangkok Triennial International Print and Drawing Exhibition


  • The 23rd Toshiba “Brings Good Things to Life” Art Competition 2011
  • The 13rd Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition 2011


  • Convey To … ” Nan Riverside Art Gallery
  • Deviation” Number1Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand)


  • Group exhibition, charity art exhibition for the dogs “My Friends”,
    Central World, BKK
  • The 20th Toshiba “Brings Good Things to Life” Art Competition 2009
  • Occasion of “Silpa Bhirasri Day” 2009, Silpakorn University
  • Exhibition of Art Thesis, the Faculty of Painting, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok


  • Occasion of “Silpa Bhirasri Day” Silpakorn University
  • Playing Sound Around Art” Silpakorn University


  • Occasion of “Silpa Bhirasri Day” 2007, Silpakorn University