SAC Gallery | Thidarat Chantachua
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Thidarat Chantachua

(Born 1992), graduated fromB.F.A. (Painting Sculpture Graphic arts) and M.F.A. (Painting Sculpture Graphic arts), Silpakorn University,

Has received many awards on many stages, including being invited to the Artist in Residency program at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in 2016.

Thidarat began to create her work from racial and religious differences that occurred while she traveled to various countries. In some areas there are strict laws and some religious areas have a strong social role. As an artist in Islam, she represents a minority role in the predominately Buddhist Thai society.

Her work communicates overlapping issues of space and humanity through mixed media painting techniques. Tidarat’s technique of sewing lines was created from her religious architecture and community space, mixed with space in her mind. The patterns used in her paintings lead to the knowledge of the root of the culture.