SAC Gallery | Three
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three is an art unit formed in 2009 by three artists who live and work in Fukushima. They produce art pieces by using a huge amount of every-day items including fish-shaped soy sauce bottles, figure dolls of cartoon or game characters and candy. They have a keen interest in opposing and multi-layered subjects such as ‘large-scale production and consumption’, ‘individual and community’, ‘cities and regions’. They are trying to create a visualisation of different kinds of aspect in the modern society, sometimes in an ironic way.

They have worked on the participatory experience-based installation as well. They present the process of making artworks as a result of viewers’ behaviours under the theme of ‘consumption’ and it invites viewers to reconsider various issues and emotions related to consumption.

The works made by figure dolls are started from an interest in the shape of the plastic dolls themselves. This interest is extended to the exploration into materials, the transformation of the value and numerousness. The figure dolls are stripped of their original identities as cartoon characters and reduced to simple, inert component elements such as colour and weight. The title of each work represents the actual weight of the dolls used for the art piece. Each unique doll dissolves into each other and fuse together, reflecting aspects of the internet where various information gets mixed up and people can hardly find their own identity in modern society.